Sunday, December 31, 2017

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (part 5)

New Year’s Eve...

I wasn’t very hopeful.
I wasn’t hopeful that the New Year would bring a change in my marriage.
I had these thoughts as my husband and I made love.
It was 6am and he rolled over wanting to have sex. I was excited. Christmas Day was the last time we had sex and it was only a few days later and he wanted to do it again.
“Oh Yes!” my husband moaned.
He pounded me and was just as aggressive as he was before pulling my legs onto his shoulder hammering me. This time there wasn’t any foreplay. There was only his sudden need and my free and waiting vagina.
I was down to make love to my husband but it’s been two minutes and he was close to coming already.
“Fuck!” he groaned.
Then he came inside of me letting my legs fall to the bed. We lay that way for a few minutes before I spoke.
“Don’t you want to eat me out?” I asked rolling over to look at him.
Breathing heavily he replied.
“No. I just came inside of you. It would be like I was eating my own cum. Plus I have to get to work.”
I wasn’t shocked at his words. I knew that would be the answer but it was worth a shot to ask.  I opened my mouth to protest his decision but closed it. I knew it would be useless. He was already climbing out of bed and heading to the bathroom. I heard the shower start and I laid there listening to him shower and thinking about my conversation with him yesterday.
Once we were alone and the kids were asleep, I brought up the fact that our sex life has waned in the past 6 months and intimacy between us had diminished well before that.
“Maybe we need some counseling or something to get us back on track.”
He chuckled.
“Babe, I’m not going to therapy. Plus, I believe that we have a good sex life. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”
I let it go that night. I could tell I wasn’t going to convince him. It only made me a little resentful.
He had to work New Year’s Eve so he left shortly after he showered. I spent the day unfocused and lost in my head. The kids were running amuck destroying the house at every turn. I didn’t care at that point. I was depressed and felt hopeless.  
I only came back to earth when the baby cried or the kids knocked over a vase and I spent time cleaning it up. Other than that I was caught in thoughts of how was I going to make my marriage work. The truth? My husband was a good man and a good father. He took good care of his mother and sister and was generous to a fault. Yet I still had thoughts of leaving him. Was sex really that important? It felt like it was when I yearn to be touched. The lack of intimacy was making me feel unloved.
I knew, however, I loved him too much to just walk away. I would do anything to make it work and get back on the right track. I owed that to the 10 years we have been married and to my children to do all that I could. Even if our sex life never recovered I was here for the long haul and deep down I always knew that.
But I knew I was going to need to find a way to get my needs met and stay with my husband.
When it was almost time for Jeremy to come home I kicked it into high gear. The kids helped me put away all of the toys. I nursed and put the baby down for his second nap of the day and started dinner. I got the boys to sit down and watch a movie while my daughter played games on my phone.
Just as I had finished cooking dinner, my daughter entered the kitchen carrying my phone.
“Mom, I made a mistake. I was playing a game and someone called you. I answered it…then hung up.”
I grabbed the phone and looked. I could see that my mother called me. I wasn’t in the mood to call her back.  I exited that screen and came across my contacts screen. I knew who I had recently added to my contacts and that thought sent a shiver down my spine. I looked up at my daughter who was waiting for the phone back and spoke to her.
“Kailen, go watch the movie with your brothers, Mommy needs to use her phone.”
My daughter under protest went to watch the movie and I raced upstairs. I closed and locked my bedroom door and sat on the bed. I thought about what I wanted to do and what I should do. I should have deleted this number already. I should try and forget about my affair or be honest with my husband about it and ask for his forgiveness.
What I wanted to do was leave my husband in the dark about my affair. I wanted to contact my secret Santa and I wanted to be fucked like he fucked me again. I rationalized that it would be just sex and nothing more. I loved my husband.
I didn’t love this other man.
That thought gave me the momentum to do what I did next. I decided that I would find Jim’s number in my contacts. I opened up my messages and composed a text to him.
Hi, Jim? It’s me Ashley. We met at the Mall Christmas Eve. Not sure if you remember me.”
I sat there staring at the message for a few minutes. Then I pressed send. After I sent it I instantly regretted it. Guilt and other emotions consumed me. I ran my hands across my face. I took a deep breath and stuck the phone in my pants pocket. I heard the baby cry and I went immediately to retrieve him. I carried him downstairs. As I got to the bottom, I realized my husband was home. He greeted the children and we all met in the kitchen for dinner.
Throughout dinner my phone was hot in my pocket. I wondered if he would contact me back or if he would even remember who I was. I may not have been the only woman he slept with that day at the mall. Maybe if he didn’t contact me it was for the best. I tried to put the message in the back of my mind.
While we ate dinner, we discussed my husband’s day and what our plans were for New Year’s Day. Then my pocket began to vibrate and a sound emitted letting me know that I received a message. I swallowed the lump in my throat unsure who sent it and hoping and not hoping it was Jim.
I pulled out my phone and looked at the messenger. The letters S.C. were on the screen.  I stuck my phone back in my pocket and continued to listen to my husband talk with my legs shaking under the table.
I didn’t check the message until after dinner when the baby was playing with my husband and the other kids were either drawing or playing Legos. I hid upstairs in the bathroom with the door closed and locked. I read the message…
How could I forget you?
His words made my heart beat faster and I contemplated how to respond. I finally decided to tell the truth.
Not sure why I’m texting you.
I waited and waited for a response from him. It seemed like forever before he replied. Finally my phone pinged and I hungrily peered at the new message.
You want what I want. Another chance to make each other come. I remember how sweet your cum was.
I was sitting on the lid of the toilet not sure how I was going to reply to his words. I knew that they turned me on and all rational thoughts ceased. I was again controlled by my libido and I needed more.
I remember how sweet your come was too. I replied.
What are you wearing? he asked.

Bra and panties, I lied.
I want to peel those off of you. I want to make you come again so I can lick it all up.
I almost climbed into the bathtub and undressed. But I realized that my family would probably interrupt me soon and I had to be careful. Hearing his words made my clit ache however and I knew that it would probably just be this way until everyone was fast asleep and I had the opportunity to touch myself. I replied to him about what I truly wanted.
I want you too.
Then come and see me, he said. You don’t have to wait until next Christmas.
Panic attacked me. I knew that I wanted so much to throw caution to the wind and just go and see him. Again, my desire for the man clouded my judgment and I actually thought about going.
I don’t even know where you live, I texted back.
2655 W. 38th St. Apt 408, he replied
I glared at the address he sent and decided that I wanted him bad enough that I was willing to drive over and see him. That realization frightened me. Did that mean I was willing to put my marriage on the line just for a quick fuck?
I gathered myself and marched downstairs. I found my husband nodding off on the couch and the kids completely destroying the house again. Even my 10 month old was joining the destruction by dumping popcorn and eating it off the floor. I shook my husband awake.
“What?” he asked sitting and then standing.
“I need to make a trip to the store.”
“It’s pretty late babe. Do you really need to go?” he asked.
I didn’t need to go. I shouldn’t go. But I was going to do it anyway.
“It’s so hard to go shopping with five kids during the day. I can go now and you can put the kids to bed,” I replied.
“Do you need me to come with you? I can help you with the kids while you shop.”
“No!” I replied. Then I shook my head and smiled.
“No, I’ll be fine.”
He narrowed his eyes at me and then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.
“Have fun at the store. I’ll hold it down here.”
I smiled and grabbed my coat. I headed out the door. As I drove away from my house I could feel the fear and anxiety build up inside and almost overtake me. Yet I continued on my journey following the GPS to the other side of town to a bricked Apartment building.
Apt. 408. I remembered that number as I entered the building. There was no intercom system so I just walked in and searched for an elevator. I found it and climbed inside. Before the doors closed a woman entered and hit the button for the 3rd floor. That reminded me. I hit the button for the 4th floor. We didn’t say anything to each other. That was fine with me. When we reached the 3rd floor she exited. The doors closed and took me to the 4th floor. Once the doors opened, I exited and looked at every door until I found room 408. I knocked on the door. There was no answer at first and I instantly thought how big of a mistake this was. I lied to my husband to come here and I have no clue if he even really lives here.
I raised my fist to knock again and the door flew opened. Standing there was my mall Santa in only a pair of boxers.
“I uh…uh…” I said unable to find the words I was searching for.
He smiled and pulled me inside. He slammed the door behind me.
I didn’t have to say a word before he was kissing me and pulling my clothes off my body.
“I am so shocked you actually showed up,” he said throwing my coat onto the couch and then pulling my sweater over my head and tossing it to the floor.
He wasn’t the only one shocked. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I lied to my husband so that I could have sex with another man. This wasn’t me. I felt like a different woman.
He pulled my pants down to my ankles. Then my panties came downward as he dropped to his knees in front of me. He pushed open my legs a little. He approached my sex and before I could take a deep breath, he stuck his tongue between my pussy lips and licked. My knees buckled and he grabbed me.
“We better take this to the sofa,” he said.
He led me over and helped me sit down. He pulled off my shoes and then my pants and panties followed. He wasted no time spreading my legs and dropping his head down between them. I moaned loudly as he found my clit.
I looked down and watched. His tongue was twirling around my clit making me feel so good. I threw my head back and prayed that this pleasure would never end. I needed this more than I have ever needed anything. No one has ever made me feel so good. Not even Jeremy. 
Once my mind went back to my husband, I began to drown in guilt. Cheating on my husband for the second time to end the year was not what I wanted.
“No. Stop,” I said despite my body’s desperate need for him to keep going.
He sat up and wiped my juices from his mouth with the back of his hand.
“What?” he asked.
“I need to leave,” I said moving from the couch and standing. “I have to go.”
“Now?” he asked standing too.
“Yes…my husband. I just can’t.”
He stared at me for a second. Then he folded his arms across his chest.
“I get it, but I wish you would stay,”
I sighed. I wanted to stay too but I guess I wasn’t cut out to do this. I didn’t say anything else to him as I dressed, grabbed my coat and purse and exited his apartment. I walked from the building in tears. I cried because I almost again cheated on my husband and because I wanted Jim to fuck me so bad.

I crunched through the snow in my boots. Despite my eyes being blurred from the tears, I made it to my car. I cried all the way to the grocery store.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (part 4)

Christmas Day…

“Shhh…” I said hoping to soothe the crying baby in my arms. 
It was 6am and I was shocked no one was awake yet. I thought the constant crying of a 10 month old would have had the entire house up and ready to open gifts. Yet no one stirred except me and the baby. It was fine by me. I wasn’t ready to face anyone just yet. I didn’t get much sleep. My mind was focused on the day before and the encounter that put my life with my family in jeopardy.
I slept with a man I did not know with my kids and in-laws not far away. What was wrong with me? I never in a million years thought I was capable of cheating on my husband. I was disgusted with myself. Yet, deep down inside in some remote corner of my soul I had never felt more alive. Every time I thought about my encounter with the mall Santa, my sex would drip with anticipation of feeling that way again.
I looked down to see that the baby was fast asleep. I placed him in his crib and quietly exited the room closing the door behind me. I walked down the hall and down to the living room. I sat on the couch and stared at the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.  I knew that soon the house would be filled with joyous noises of people clambering for their gifts. I was no longer in the mood to celebrate.
The entire morning went by in a blur. The kids opened their gifts and the adults did an exchange. My mind wasn’t present and I didn’t register that my mother in-law signed me up for cooking classes. I was in a daze throughout breakfast and through the movie and games that followed.
At lunch I barely paid attention as my sister in-law complained about the service at the only restaurant we could find open on Christmas Day. My mind was lost in thoughts of sex and how good it felt to be touched, kissed and caressed by someone that couldn’t get enough of you. I wanted so badly to disappear and satiate my desire but there were things I needed to do and soon I found myself in the kitchen cooking dinner with my in-laws.
“Are you going to cut the potatoes so small?”Dorothy asked me.
“It helps them to cook faster,” I replied.
“Someone needs to learn some patience so her food will taste better,” she mumbled under her breath.
I hardly registered her complaint. The ache between my legs was distracting. I wanted so bad to touch myself and come so hard I could barely think straight. Just then my daughter came running into the kitchen. She was carrying a handful of papers, some lip balm and some coins.
“Mommy,” she said discarding everything in her hand on the counter. “Jacob and Jay Jay were playing with your coat and dumped everything out of your pockets.”
I sighed.
“Kailen,” said Dorothy. “Leave your momma alone and come help grandma fix these potatoes.”
I shook my head. She can’t help finding ways to put me down, I thought.
I collected everything off the counter. I tossed the coins and lip balm in a junk drawer we had in the kitchen and went to the throw the papers away when I noticed a name and a phone number scrawled on a piece of Christmas stationary. I realized immediately it was the phone number to my mall Santa.  Panic attacked my chest and I quickly pocketed the number before anyone saw it.
“I need to use the restroom,” I said before exited the kitchen. I passed my two sons playing with my coat and my husband on the couch watching TV with a sleeping baby on his chest. I raced up the stairs and into my bedroom. I wanted to hide the number. I wasn’t sure why I didn’t instantly want to throw it away. I paced the room pondering three things. Should I toss the number, keep the number or actually call the number. I knew with two of those options I was just thinking with my libido and not my brain or heart.
What could I be thinking? My husband was down stairs with our children and I was up here thinking about calling the man I cheated with. Was it really worth losing my family over? I finally decided I wouldn’t call or keep the number. I took the piece of paper and threw it in the bathroom trash can. I hurried back downstairs to help with dinner.

Later that night after my house was sufficiently destroyed by the numerous toys my kids received, everyone headed to bed. My kids passed out including the baby and I was free to read or pass out myself if I so pleased. I chose the latter and prepared to get, hopefully, a couple of hours of sleep before the baby woke up to nurse.  My husband was in bed reading a book and I knew it was fruitless to try and have sex with him. I turned on the baby monitor and climbed into bed. I turned over and closed my eyes hoping sleep would come soon or the throbbing between my legs would cease.
Suddenly I felt arms pulling me. My husband eased my body toward his. I could tell through my night gown he was completely naked. How did I not notice?
“Jeremy?” I questioned turning over to face him.

He was smiling and leaned in close. We kissed and our tongues found each other after a long hiatus. While we kissed his hands traveled my body. I sat up so he could pull my night gown over my head exposing my naked body. His mouth came to my breasts and I threw my head back invigorated by the pleasure. I needed this so much and I could not wait for him to fuck me senseless.  This is what I wanted. Who needed a secret Santa when you had a sexy husband that made your body ache for his touch?
He continued to suck on my breasts while my hand came to his head caressing it. He brought his lips back to mine and I kissed him hungrily.
“Whoa honey,” he chuckled. “Calm down.”
“I just want you so much,” I moaned.
We kissed again. Then he pulled my panties down my legs. He tossed them over his shoulder then placed himself between my legs.  He began to kiss down my body. He flicked a nipple with his tongue and a moaned escaped from my lips.
He continued his exploration of me and I hoped that he would grant my wish and use his tongue to satisfy the tingling between my thighs.
He had other plans.
He pressed between my legs. I spread them wider in order to let him inside. He entered me and the pleasure was so overwhelming. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pounded me harder and harder making me cry out. His pace was steady and aggressive and I could barely hold on. I knew he must have needed this as badly as I did. Then suddenly I heard the familiar grunt and groan of him coming.
No,no no! I thought.
His breathing was heavy as he rolled off me.
“That was incredible!” he exclaimed.
I laid there trying not to cry. I continued to lay there as he rolled over and passed out. I felt defeated and still aching. I really thought this time it would be different. I thought my needs would finally be met. He didn’t even care that I wasn’t even close to coming when he finished.
Once I was sure he was fast asleep, I grabbed my vibrator and headed to the bathroom. I climbed into the tub and thought about the amazing sex I had with my secret Santa. Jim. Jim was his name. I thought about how hard Jim made me come. I pushed the vibrator in and out getting myself closer. I continued that pattern remembering how Jim’s tongue glided against my clit. It was bliss when he fucked me and made me come all over myself. I couldn’t take it any longer. I came with a silent cry not wanting to wake anyone up.
Immediately I began to cry. I sobbed until there were no longer any tears left to cry. Eventually I decided to clean up. I showered and stood looking in the mirror as I dried off. I felt ashamed at what I had just done. I felt sad that it was what my marriage had come down to. I was a cheater and my husband didn’t want me anymore. I decided that I wasn’t going to let my marriage fall apart. I was going to talk to Jeremy about our sex life and what I can do to make things better.

On my way out of the bathroom, I accidentally knocked over the trash can. Out fell some discarded tissues and paper. I reached down and picked them up and returned them to the bin when I grabbed the piece of Christmas stationary. It was the number Jim gave me. I stared at it for a second. I carried the number back into the bedroom with me. After I dressed I saved the number to my phone under S.C. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with the number. I just thought I would hold on to it…

Sunday, December 24, 2017

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Part 3)

Christmas Eve...

Christmas time at the mall was always wild and for the past three years I have found myself along with all the other crazy people waiting on Santa Claus.  I never liked bringing my kids here but my husband always insisted they should see Santa and take pictures. 
Of course, he was not the one to bring them. That was my job.
Now, I stand here in line with my kids waiting for each one to tell Santa Claus they want something that mommy and daddy can’t afford. The parting gift is a crappy picture with one eye closed or a face turn that blurs the shot.
“What the hell is taking this Santa so long? Let the kids tell him one gift and get them off his lap.” My sister-in-law Jasmine said.
She came to the mall with us after my husband talked her into joining my mother-in-law, Dorothy, and me. I could have done better with her staying home. She was cranky and I knew she was going to make this trip a miserable one.  
“I agree Jazzy. We’ve been in here for two hours and the line has barely moved. Why did you pick this mall Ashley? I’m sure there was another mall with a quicker Santa. That Santa doesn’t even look right,” Dorothy said.
I barely listened to their complaints. I was more focused on my self-pity. I knew that bringing the kids to see Santa made them happy but there was a problem. My kids and my husband’s happiness was the only thing that always seemed to matter around here.  What made me happy was always forgotten. 
I focused on the fact that I was standing here with my kids, my in-laws and a bunch of moms and kids and I was…horny. Yes, I was horny and I knew that when I got home there was only me and my vibrator that would satisfy me. Sex has been nonexistent and I spend most nights holed up in the bathroom masturbating and trying to be quiet so Jeremy wouldn’t hear.
It left me feeling so unattractive and undesirable.  After four kids a woman needs her husband to kiss and fuck her ensuring her he still finds her attractive.  My husband was never good at that sort of thing. 
We stood in line a little while longer and watched one by one as each child asked Santa for a special gift just for them.  As we got closer I noticed this was a different Santa from the past two years we visited.  Most of the time the Santa was big fat and black.  They wanted a black Santa so that the kids in our neighborhood would believe Santa was just like them. This time the Santa was white and you could tell that he was not fat at all.

My kids noticed.
“Mommy, that’s not Santa.  Santa is black,” my son whined.
“Mommy, he’s too skinny to be Santa,” my daughter complained.
“That’s what I was trying to say. They could have done better than this,” Dorothy said.
When we approached my daughter promptly jumped into his lap. He groaned. My daughter was rather big for her age.
“So what do you want for Christmas sweetheart?”
He did little to hide his voice.  He didn’t sound like the stereotypical Santa. Behind all the Santa gear, I could not help but to stare at his eyes. They were an ocean blue and I was lost in them.
He constantly looked at me and smiled.  There was just something about him.  Even with the fake beard on he seemed virile and manly.
I shook my head trying to clear it.  I really must be hard up.  This new Santa was making me hornier.
I stared as one by one my children sat on his lap and confessed what they really wanted for Christmas.  When my youngest was done, I smiled at the new Santa and grabbed my kids ushering them to a less crowded side of the mall. 
The kids were so excited that Santa promised them so many new things.  We were toward the end of the line and so when a few more kids were done, I watched as the new Santa made his way towards the bathrooms.  He veered to the right entering a hallway. My eyes stayed focused on him and I took a step back watching his every move. He walked down the hall then entered the room at the end.  
I was fascinated for some odd reason with this Santa and I really wanted to see what he looked like underneath all that Santa gear.  I lied to myself saying, I was just curious.
I grabbed the stroller and pushed it up against my sister-in-law.
“What the…?” she said.
“I really have to pee. Can you just watch the baby? Thanks!” I said rushing away before she had the chance to protest or say no.
I pretending like I was heading to the bathroom, and then veered down the same hall the Santa went down. I power walked all the way down the hall wondering what in the hell I was doing.  I got close to the room thinking that I was going to knock and he would come out.  I would make up some excuse for why I was there and leave.
When I got closer I saw that the door was cracked.  I peeked in and saw him coming out of the large over sized Santa suit.  He was gorgeous.  He was muscular and his skin was flawless and creamy.  I could feel my clit throbbing.
In only his boxer briefs, he tossed the Santa suit over his shoulder. My eyes traveled to the large bulge in front.  He didn’t seem to be aroused but his bulge was still protruding through his underwear.
I was not sure how long I was standing there watching him.  I wanted a better view so I pushed the door just a little.  It made a creaking nose that caught his attention.  I jumped back, but I didn’t run for some odd reason.  The door suddenly flung open and he was standing there smiling at me.
I was frozen. I could feel the heat reach my cheeks.
“Can I help you?”
He asked me standing there with his dick erect now just waiting for me.
I licked my lips.
He cocked his head to the side and a smile touched his face. His beautiful eyes bore into mine. He reached out and grabbed me pulling me into the room closing the door.
Without hesitating, he pulled me into a kiss. The kiss was long and satisfying and I didn’t want it to end. But it did. He pulled back and smiled at me.
“I see how you stare at me. You want me don’t you?”
I nodded.
He removed my coat sliding it down my shoulders and tossed it onto a chair by a desk. 
He pulled down his underwear and his large dick was revealed. My mouth started to water.   He grabbed it in his hand and began to slowly stroke it.  I dropped to my knees in front of him. He took a step closer reaching down grabbing the back of my head.
I opened my mouth wide and took his creamy dick into his mouth. I sucked on the head and took as much of his shaft into my mouth as I could manage. 
He moaned, gently stroking my hair. 
I could not think of anything. My mind was flooded with how incredible it felt having his dick in my mouth. A little pre cum exited the tip and it was sweet.  I let my tongue glide over it tasting as much as I could.
He removed his dick from my mouth and pulled it back against his taut stomach exposing his balls. I took them into my mouth and gently sucked.
“Oh yes, that’s it baby.  Suck my fucking balls.”
I reveled in the encouragement and sucked his spongy salty balls. I came up for air and he grabbed my hand helping me off the floor.  He led me over to a couch.  His Santa suit was sprawled across it but he didn’t care.  He motioned for me to sit right down on it and he followed.
We kissed and our tongues glided around each other’s mouths tasting, caressing and exploring.  His fingers found my breasts hiding underneath my sweater dress.  I moaned as he squeezed. Suddenly he moved his lips from mine and dropped to his knees in front of me.
I was hoping he wanted to taste my sweet pussy.  My husband had not been down there in years, yet I had always kept my pussy neat and trimmed hoping one day I could talk him into it.
He removed my black boots from my feet one at a time placing them neatly on the side of the couch. 
He followed that by removing the leggings I was wearing gliding them down my legs
The cold air sent shivers up my spine and my pussy held onto the hope that his tongue would make contact with my hard clit.
He removed my black panties and tossed them over his shoulder.  He grabbed my thighs and pulled me down on the couch.  My legs spread for him and I was dripping with anticipation.
He lowered his head and my eyes rolled into the back of my head as his licked my pussy.  My hand instinctively grabbed his jet black hair.  His hand pressed down on my inner thigh opening my legs.  He played with my clit and I could feel my orgasm growing.  I tried to suppress it.  I was not ready to come so soon.  It was futile.  I came filling his mouth with my juices.  He didn’t stop licking right away.  He licked and sucked all my cum. I shivered as his tongue grazed my sensitive clit.
He stood and began to stroke his dick once more.  I sat up and took it into my mouth.  I sucked and licked until he pushed my head back.
“Easy baby, I’m not ready to come just yet.”
He told me to turn around and I was on my knees with my ass in the air. He entered me and I was filled with his hard and thick dick.  He glided in and out smoothly at first then his pace increased bringing more pleasure than I have ever felt in years. 
He pounded me and my fingers dug into the back of the couch trying to hold on.  I could hear my ass slapping against his thighs and I gasped for air as my orgasm flooded my body. I moaned loudly as I rode my orgasmic wave to sheer ecstasy.
He pulled out and I turned around.  He was stroking his dick and turning himself on.  He motioned for me to come to him.  I got on my knees and he stroked his cock until he was close to coming.  He grabbed my head and plunged his dick into my mouth.  I sucked and it wasn’t long before his cum hit the back of my throat.  Some dribbled down my chin, warm and sticky. He moaned loudly still stroking my hair.
When we were done I scurried around trying to collect all my clothes.
I redressed, flustered and completely shaken.  I had just fucked the mall Santa. 
I had just cheated on my husband with the mall Santa—and it was exhilarating! 
Before I left the room, he grabbed me and placed another kiss on my lips. It was long slow and sensuous.
“You’re fucking amazing,” he said smiling from ear to ear.
“There were so many mothers out there that wanted to do the same thing and none of them had the balls except for you. You’re so fucking sexy.”
He kissed me again and told me to wait. He walked over to a desk in the opposite corner and wrote something on a piece of paper. He walked back over and handed the paper to me.
“My number,” he said. “I would like the opportunity to do this again.”
I took the number, still in shock at what just transpired, and stuck it into my coat pocket.
Without saying a word, I walked out of the room and down the hall.  I saw my in-laws waiting impatiently with the kids.
“Where the hell have you been?” Jasmine asked very upset.
I gave her some lame excuse about getting lost on my way to the bathroom and ushered the kids out of the mall into the car.  I drove home in silence completely in a daze. The number was hot and heavy in my pocket and I was not sure what I was going to do. 
The weight of what I had done was hanging on me like a soaking wet sweater. As we entered the house and my husband greeted us at the door. I was tense.
He kissed me on the lips and smiled.
“Did you have a good time?”

I found it hard to look him the eye.