Monday, September 19, 2011

The difficulty in writing Erotica...with children at home.

Picture the scene...

I am next deep in one of the most erotic scenes in my book.  I'm in my zone.

"I could feel her whole body trembling.  It was so incredible.  The feel and taste of her sent a heat down my spine and it took everything inside of me to control it. I could tell that she enjoyed my tongue slowly caressing her because I could hear low sensual moans coming from her mouth. I continued to lick her in that spot. 
I played with her navel for a little while then I brought my head back up to lay a kiss on her mouth, soft at first and then deeper.  I probed every inch of her mouth with my tongue."
When abruptly I am interrupted by Dora the Explorer.   UGGHHHH!!!  It is so difficult to write something sexy.  Something sensual when you have "Dore the Explorer" or "Bubble Guppies" in the background.  Though I have mastered the art of "tuning someone out" (ask my husband) You can't just tune out your kids.  Expecially if you have a "Mady" in the house.  I have to keep an ear open just in case this is the day she decides to burn the place down.  That is why even though I am home now, she is daycare part time so at least there are days I can skip the 5 encores of Dora and focus on my writing.
That is until the 5 month old wakes and decides its all about her for the next 3 or 4 hrs until I can get her to take another nap.  Maybe that is why I am always so tired during the day...I am up all night writing now. 
Till next time...

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