Thursday, September 22, 2011

Distractions...please take them away!

A writer may love to write but knows we are very susceptible to the dreaded "D" word. Distractions.  When a writer writes you need to be in the zone and even though we may love to write we get into our minds that we cant write or focus until the laundry is folded or the baby is asleep.
I am no exception…
Case in point.  On any typical day here is what I am thinking.
“Okay, I have two chapters left but there should be no problem knocking out those chapters.  But first let me give the baby a bath and then once I get her to sleep I will be good to go.”
  (get the baby bathed and sleep)
“Well, now I can write.  Wait.  There are clothes all over my couch.  I can’t get comfortable unless I wash these.”
 That leads to me hunting down all the clothes in the house and washing them. 
“Okay, clothes are washed and folded.  Bu on my way to the laundry room I saw the dishes needed to be washed and you know the refrigerator needs organizing.  But maybe I need more things to help me organize.”
 That leads to a trip to Wal-Mart and maybe Target.  After that trip, the kids and the husband are home and then there is dinner and getting kids ready for bed and before I know it,  It is time for bed and I have not written a damn thing.  My last thought is always
“I promise I am going to knock those chapters out tomorrow.”
Then the distractions start all over again.  It is a constant battle and a struggle. 
Today, I vow to be different.  I am gonna knock out these chapters. After I take Mi-Mi to the doctor and stop at target...

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