Friday, September 16, 2011

A moment in my life as a Mom - Typical Conversation with Mi-Mi

Mi-Mi (The Enigma)
an 11 year old girl and a complete enigma to me. That is why she is called the Enigma. Sometimes I have no clue what she is talking about and why she thinks and ask some of the things she does on a daily basis.

So my husband bought her a track phone.  Something for emergencies if she needed us throughout the day.  So far so good with that thing.  Here is a typical conversation with Mi-mi about the phone.
Me: Mi-Mi what is that on the palm of your hand?

Mi-Mi: Oh (looks at hand) Marker.
Me: Why is there marker on your hand?
Mi-Mi: Oh that is my phone number.

Me (confused) You wrote YOUR number on the palm of your hand?
Mi-Mi: Yep
Me (continue to watch tv and decide not to ask anymore questions)

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