Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sometimes you just need a break...

Sometimes it seems like I can never get ahead. 

I clean the entire house and before I can blink…the house was completely destroyed again.  I wash every article of clothes in the house and the next morning there are loads and loads sitting there waiting for me to wash them.  I get a chapter in my book done…and realize that in order to finish this story I have quite a few chapters to go. 

I can never get ahead of anything.  It is stressful and difficult to deal with. 

It’s mommy I need, honey I need.  I get so tired and I just need a break

Until I decided to go on STRIKE once a week.

Yep, I go on STRIKE every Sunday of every week.

No cleaning or anything at all.

 I cook only because I love to.  But that is it.

Oh and I still take care of the 5 month old.   I can’t just leave that up to her dad. 

But nothing else but watching TV and writing.

Ok…I wash maybe a load.  Well, I have to make sure Mi-Mi’s school uniform is washed.

But nothing else.  I mean it.  Just TV, relaxing and writing.

Ok, sometimes I have to go on grocery  to grab some extra things for dinner.

And sometimes Mi-Mi has basketball games on Sundays.

But that is it.

Maybe…I’m not going on strike after all.


There is no getting ahead is there?

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