Saturday, November 19, 2011

And Thus Begins the Business of Love - Part 2

She smiled.

She replied back.
“I know. We should go out now.”
She could not believe that he still wanted to go out with her even after she spent the summer dodging his calls. Well, there were no parents around to tell her she couldn’t so they set a date where he would come and pick her up and take her to his college that was an hour away from her college. 
She was anticipating that something would happen.  She wasn’t sure if she would give up her virginity, but she knew that she could not be chaste the whole night. I mean, she was spending the entire weekend at his place. Where would she sleep?
She knew she planned to sleep in his bed and he knew it as well yet when I innocently asked the question he replied:
“I don’t know. Where ever you want to sleep.”
He had his own anticipations.  He anticipated slowly taking her clothes off and making love to her on his dorm room bed.  He couldn’t wait to get her on his turf.
 The hour ride was full of conversation. They laughed and talked and once into town they stopped at a McDonalds to get something to eat.
Once in his apartment they sat on the couch and watched a little TV. There was an awkward moment of silence but then he wasted no time connecting his lips with hers. 
She couldn’t believe what a great kisser he was.  His lips melted right onto hers and she couldn’t get enough.  When his hand reached behind to unsnap her bra she didn’t mind.  His hands on her body were incredible. He slowly laid her back on the couch and they kissed for what seemed like hours.
He could not get enough of this woman and he knew in that moment that he had to make her his very own. He was nervous that she was a virgin. It had never been with a virgin and he assumed he never would. 
He could not help but to think: “They still make those?”
He could smell her wetness through her panties and in his mind he knew he had to have a taste.

He buried his head between her legs and she moaned out unbelieving that a man could give her so much pleasure.  She grabbed his head and used her fingers caressing him hoping that he would not stop.
He didn’t want to stop, yet he did only to lead her into his bedroom.
He didn’t take her virginity that night but it wasn’t long after that night that he did.  She wanted him to have it because at that point…she knew that she belonged to him.  She was meant to be with him.
Before him she never felt she could be herself with men.  He made her feel secure and she knew that he would hold her and invade her gently. He promised that night as she lay in his arms that he would take care of her.

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