Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

He is hardworking, determined, witty, adventurous, a great father and a  spectacular husband.  He is a warm and loving brother and a model son. 

He works hard every day to make sure his family is provided for.  He is dedicated to be the best in everything he does. 

He stays focused in school and shows his daughters by example that education is important.

He always makes time to have fun with the kids and never forgets to tell them how much he loves them and how important they are to him even if it’s just a little kiss on the cheek.

His smile lights up a room and his sense of humor is well…very unique. He is confident in his abilities and walks the walk no matter what.

His daughters believe he hung the moon and he shows them every day what a real black man looks like.

That man is 30 years old today and his house full of women would be remiss if they didn’t take the time out today to wish him a happy birthday and let him know how important he is to them.

We love you Marcus Christopher Harris and truly appreciate you.  We are so lucky to have you as a husband and a father and we are very excited to celebrate your birthday with you.

With all our hearts,

Your wife Donnée

And your three daughters

Mi-Mi, Mady and Dylly-Pie

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