Sunday, November 6, 2011


About the only time losing is more fun than winning is when you're fighting temptation. ~Tom Wilson

Hi my name is Donnée and I am an erotic writer and a FREAK!
(And the group says “Hi Donnee)

Wow I didn’t know how good that would feel to just come out and say it.
It may seem weird but I used to be a prude.  Yes, me! The erotic writer and lover of said fiction.
They key here is that I really wasn’t a prude I just felt I needed people to think that I was.
Deep down I was a pure unadulterated kinky, freaky precocious nympho. Yet I was always afraid of who I was or who I was born to be. 
To some people (especially men) I could always talk a good talk but in the end I could not walk the walk.  I was afraid to just let go.
This may sound like a good thing but I always thought that all work and no play made me very boring. 
I felt that always being the obedient good girl made my life suffer and so did my writing.  My stories lacked something special and I knew what it was. I needed to just drop all the baggage and just free myself from the emotional anchor that was holding me down.
My husband agreed. When I wrote my first story it took my husband to tell me that what I was writing was not what I was meant to write.  I was not embracing myself and letting myself go.  I needed to embrace my sexually enhanced, kinky, freaky side as it was it was one of the reasons he was attracted to me in the first place.
 He saw the good girl trying to hold the bad girl inside.  I think he believe that he wanted to be the one to bring it all out.  Sometimes I think that he got more than he bargained for (HA!).
I realized that all that time I was going against my nature.  It may sound weird but I am a pretty explicit person.  I am only suitable for the 18 and over crowd and I just needed to embrace it.
It took me a long time to learn to do that and to be honest…I’m not quite there yet.
Of course I know when to fall prey to temptation and when to say no.  It’s just that saying no all the time is no fun.
Lately I pride myself on a freak in bed and in my writing.  It keeps the marriage fresh and brings an excitement to my writing.
I have never felt freer in my life and I am excited to enter this new chapter.  I’m knocking on 30 and it would be a shame to let the next 30 years include me being ashamed to be myself.
My husband is pretty excited too!
So I have decided that sometimes you just have to let go and free in life.  I have finally decided to not hide anymore and just let my freak flag fly!!!!

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