Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lustful Ambition

He belonged to someone else.

 His heart belonged to someone that was very close to me, Yet, I didn’t want his heart.  What I wanted remained hidden in his pants.  Oh how I yearned for his swollen pale dick in every hole on my body. 

I could not stand not having him.  His midnight blue eyes would keep me awake at night. I couldn’t resist him.  I was possessed and though she had him I always thought he belonged to me as well. I tried to lure him in bit I was not successful.  I hinted at the possibilities but he was oblivious to my advances. 

I was convinced however that it would happen.  I would have him in my bed before long.  After all, I knew his weakness.  He always said that he had never had the opportunity to fuck a black woman and it was a fantasy of his to do so.  It was time that I remedy that and come with a more direct approach. 

It was one night where the opportunity struck.  She was gone and we were here all alone. She had been gone for a few days and I knew after awhile he would want a real woman and not his hand.  I found him in the living room. Football was blaring in the television. I knew that he was distracted but I had a better distraction.

I walk casually in front of the TV wearing only a robe. He looks up confused and miffed that I had blocked his precious football.

“Hey, could you move I’m trying to watch...”

His mouth hung open as I dropped my robe.  I was completely naked and ready for his touch.  He said nothing as his eyes traveled all over my body.  I could see it in his eyes.  He wanted to protest but the desire was too much for him.  I casually walked over to the arm chair in the room and took a seat making sure I draped my leg over the arm exposing my wet pussy to his eyes.

He licked his lips and continued to watch me anticipating what I would do next.  I reached a hand down and began to gently caress my clit working it so that the pleasure radiated through my entire body.  I never thought having someone watch me masturbate would turn me on so much.  I closed my eyes and continued to play with myself.  I opened them to find him still gazing eyes locked on my pussy

I took the opportunity to glide three fingers into my wet hole working them in and out feeling my juices drip down my bare thighs.  I knew there was no way he could resist me for very long. 

I was right.

He crawled on all fours to where I was sitting. Without saying a word he removed my fingers pulling them out from their current warm and wet home.  He places them in his mouth and slowly licks them clean.  Before I could react he focused his attention on my pussy rubbing his tongue against my clit making me cry out and shake from the pleasure. 

He continued to service me.  He didn’t stop not even to wipe my juices from sliding down his chin and dripping onto his shirt.  I could feel my orgasm building I tried to contain myself.  I didn’t want to come this soon but his tongue gave me more pleasure than I had anticipated. 

After a few minutes I knew this would not be an ordinary orgasm.  I felt my heart beat increase and I was so hot I began to sweat. I knew that being with him would feel like this. He lapped and ate me so vigorously I came hard with a gush of liquid soaking him and his shirt.

I was just as surprised as he was when I came for the second time again showering him in my fluids.  I thought he would freak instead he smiled removing his shirt and wiped his face off with the dry part. Tossing the drenched fabric to the side he finishes the job by removing his pants and underwear. 

I got a renewed desire when I saw his big hard dick standing at attention.  He didn’t say a word.  He just stroked his dick. I climbed out of the chair legs shaky and sticky. I dropped to my knees in front of him and opened my mouth wide. 

He smiled and slowly placed his dick in my mouth. My lips wrapped around it and moved up and down his shaft.  I worked him my hand gliding up and down his shaft. I momentarily paid service to the head making him moan loudly. 

I sucked him so hard and strong that he pulled out and motioned for me to turn around.  I barely got on all fours before he shoved his dick into my awaiting pussy.  He was so deep I lost my breath for a second.  He fucked me hard and rough.

     “Is this what you wanted? Is this the fucking you wanted?”

He rammed my pussy so hard I could hear my ass slapping against his thighs.  His hand reached around and grabbed a hold of my dark chocolate breast. He squeezed my nipples as he banged me as hard as he could.  It was exhilarating and I just knew that I was going to come again.  He gripped my breast harder and I felt him tense up.  He pulled out and I felt the warm cum spill all over my back. 

He fell backwards hitting the floor with a thud.  I felt that I still needed to come.  I played with my clit until I came hard for a third time soaking the floor. 

We continued our affair for a while.  Occasionally sneaking out to hotels or fucking each other senseless when she was away.  I should have felt guilty but the sex was so good I just could not stop.

We were engaged in one of our tryst one afternoon.  I just could not stay away from his dick.  I was on my knees servicing him and to my surprise she walked in. 

There I was looking into my best friends eyes with her husband’s hard dick in my mouth…

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