Friday, November 25, 2011

Shopping like it's my JOB!!!

I don't shop because I need something; I just shop for shopping's sake. ~Cat Deely

I love to shop. Shopping seems to solve everything.

I don’t care whether it is for clothes, shoes, groceries, pet supplies, car supplies or whatever. 

I just love shopping for shoppings’sake.

I love it when I can shop for others. I rarely shop for myself.

Example: I went to Las Vegas last week and all I cared about was bringing home souvenirs for my family. I neglected to bring one back home for me my husband pointed out.  I didn’t care my little girls were so happy to see the gifts that I brought them. 

The holiday season gives me plenty of reasons to shop.  I get to shop for food and gifts and Holiday decorations. The list goes on and on.

Guess what I will be doing the day after Thanksgiving…SHOPPING!  Of course I will be up in the wee hours of the morning shopping for whatever is a good sale and gifts for the kids and the husband.  I am so excited I can barely sleep. 

My husband on the other hand does not like to shop and it is so frustrating when he comes with me because he just wants to rush me and half the time he ruins it and I don’t get to enjoy myself.

Then he declares that the one daughter that I have that hates to shop Mi-Mi comes with me to shop doing Black Friday this year.  Are you crazy?!? That girl is as slow as molasses. All she will do is slow me down.  I need to be on my game when I am shopping.

I think that is the plan. He wants to slow me down. He hopes that she will frustrate me so much that I will just give up and leave. 

Oh boy is he wrong.  I have waited all year for the biggest shopping day of the year. This day is like my second birthday and I plan to shop all morning and sleep all afternoon.

What until you about what I bought!

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