Saturday, December 31, 2011

Conversations with my Nuclear family

The hubby examining his laptop.

The hubby: Man, it looks like I need a new laptop.

Me: Uh-Oh, looks like it’s time for daddy to get a notebook.

The hubby: Oooo, when you say notebook, do you mean an IPAD2?

Me: No, I mean spiral bound.

Mady walks from her room into the loft and hands me one half of the walkie-talkie that she received for Christmas.

Mady: Mommy, make sure you turn it on.

I turn it on.

Me: Okay Mady it’s on.

She runs back into her room.

Mady: (speaking through the walkie-talkie) mommy can you hear me?

Me: Yes Mady.

Mady: okay, can you go downstairs and get me some juice?

Mady:  Mommy can you help me play my memory game.

Me: Yes Mady. Just give me a minute.

Mady: Okay, because the Instructions say “Mommies need to help”

Walking around Wal-Mart with Mi-Mi

Me: Hey that’s the Kindle Fire I got for Christmas.

Mi-Mi: No it’s not.

Me: Yes Mi-Mi, that’s the same one.

Mi-Mi: Not it’s not.  Yours doesn’t say “Demo”.

Back story: the girls were playing restaurant and Mi-Mi was the chef.  Mi-Mi got a nosebleed while preparing food and Mady didn’t like that.

Mady: Mommy.  Okay, you are the new chef.

Me: I thought Mi-Mi was the chef.

Mady: No, I’m going upstairs to fire her. You are the new chef.

Me: Okay Mady.

Mady: But I have to warn you. If you bleed in the food, you’re fired!