Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lusty Encounters: The Pack (part 2)

I opened my eyes and found myself in a dimly lit room naked and freezing.  My head was throbbing and my body was covered in scrapes and bruises.  I looked around and realized I was in large room positioned on a bed covered in white fur.  The bed was dead center of the room and besides some drapes on the walls, that was the only thing there.  

Me and this bed.

 I tried to move but my hand was handcuffed and attached to the bed post.  The chain connecting me was long enough so that I could move all over the bed but not long enough for me to go very far.  There was a small blanket and so I used that to cover my nude and exposed body.
There were two large double doors in front of me.  They were closed shut and I could tell from here that they were locked from the outside. 
I glanced around and noticed actually there was more to this room than just a bed. There were paintings all over the walls depicting nature scenes of wolves and the surrounding forest. One painting I could not take my eyes away from it. It was of an auburn colored wolf that didn’t necessary look completely all animal.  The eyes were the most mesmerizing. They looked right through me and I was sure I had seen them before.
I listened for sounds but I didn’t hear a thing.  It was deathly quiet.  I was debating whether to scream or say anything.
            “Please let me go!” I shouted.
My voice just echoed throughout the room.
Suddenly the double doors flung opened and in walked Daniel.  He seemed fine. He wasn’t hurt or anything.  I was so happy to see him.  I wanted him to get me out of here. He walked over to me and climbed onto the bed.
            “Daniel, are you ok?”
He hugged me close.
            “I’m fine.” He answered.
I noticed that he would not look me in the eyes. 
            “We need to get out of here before he kills us.”
I started to pull on the handcuffs and chain. He stopped me and pulled me back to him. 
            “I’m sorry but I can’t let you leave.”
I looked him in the eyes. 
            “Why? What are you talking about?”
I was confused. Why didn’t he want to leave?
            “Jada, I am so sorry for what is about to happen.”
            “What are you talking about?” I questioned.
He leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips.

            “Just don’t fight and you will be alright.” He whispered.
Before I had time to ask him what was going on, the large double doors of the room flung open again and 6 large men entered. I crawled to the head of the bed. Fear poured them my soul and I knew nothing good could come of these men being here.
One of the men had the most beautiful eyes. It was if they were calling to me. They looked familiar.
 I looked away.
            “Ah, here she is your beautiful sacrifice.”
Sacrifice? The word made me shiver. I was being sacrificed?  I looked over at Daniel and he had a look of pain and sorrow on his face.
They approached me on the bed. I tried to move but they surrounded the bed on all sides.  There was nowhere for me to go. 
            “What do you want from me?” I asked.
The man that I assumed was the leader slowly climbed onto the bed. His movements were deliberate and agonizingly slow.  He moved like a creature slowly moving in on his prey.  I didn’t expect to be anyone’s prey tonight.  I just kept thinking that they were going to kill me and I knew before they did, I would be tortured beforehand. The thought terrified me and I began to cry.
This only added fuel to the fire. He smiled.
Finally he reached me grabbing my leg and yanking me so that I fell flat on my back. My head hit the bed. It only added to the head injury I had already suffered.  I began to feel dizzy.
              “I am sure you have figured it out. What we plan to do.  I can see it in your eyes. ”
I was paralyzed with horror. I was too afraid to fight at this point.  I could tell he was very strong and I would be no match for him.  When he pulled my leg it took some force but I could still tell he was holding back.
               “I don’t know what you want to do to me?”
He leaned down, his face just over my pussy. It was strange but he actually sniffed me. It seemed to arouse him.
               “I sense your fear, but I can smell your desire.”

He climbed off the bed and began to take off his clothes.  I scooted back to the head of the bed.

His body was taut and muscular. As he removed his pants I noticed he was not wearing any underwear. Before long he was as naked as I was. He was beautiful and his hard dick was big and thick and ready to pound my tight wet hole. This did not seem like a good thing, however the more I stared at his body a strange feeling started to come over me. 

I could not take my eyes off him. I didn’t think that I would be aroused by this. Yet, I could feel my pussy getting hotter and wetter.  I guess I can endure what he plans to do to me I thought.

Then I noticed the other men in the room removing their clothing including Daniel.  There were 7 naked men in the room and just one little me. 

The leader climbed back onto the bed.

            “On your fucking back.” He commanded.

I obeyed out of fear of what he may do if I did not do as he said.

I laid my naked body onto the bed.  He climbed on top of me and began to sniff me again.

It was the strangest thing.  He began to sniff my entire body.  When he reached my breast he reached out his tongue and slowly licked my hard erect nipples. I thought I would be too afraid to enjoy it but I was wrong.  The sensations were electrifying.  He finally used his mouth to engulf as much of my large breast as he could.  A moan escaped my lips.  He sat up and looked over at Daniel.
            “She is perfect. Good job.”
He moved from off my body and I missed his warmth. The room was still very cold and his body heated me.
The other men were staring at me even salivating at my naked body.  Even Daniel seemed desperate to get a hold of me.  I just could not believe that he lured me there so that I could be some “sacrifice”.
The leader looked at the rest of the men.  He instructed one man to come to him.  This man was very tall and huge. I thought he could have been a body builder or something. He was black and well endowed. His dick was so big it frightened me.  The leader said something to the man. The man looked happy.
He approached me on the bed. I started to shiver.  Though I was wet enough, I was still afraid he would shove his entire dick inside of me  and my hole would not be able to accommodate him.  He leaned down and he too sniffed my pussy.  Then without warning he forcefully parted my legs. 
I stared at the ceiling.
 I felt his tongue press against my clit. It felt so good.  He began to lap at me and I could not believe that I was so wet.  I could feel my juices drip down my legs.   He ate me for what seemed like forever. I would get close to my orgasm, but then he would change his pattern and I would start all over. Suddenly he moved.
I opened my eyes just in time to see Daniel climb onto the bed.  I was angry with him but I was happy it was him and not one of the other men.  Daniel sat on his knees and held his dick out to me.  I knew what I was supposed to do but I refused.  I shook my head no.  I could see his eyes pleading with me to take him into my mouth.  I shook my head.  He looked over at the leader.  Fear was present in his eyes.
The leader approached the bed.  He reached over and grabbed a fist full of my hair yanking me toward him.  He brought his face to mine. 
               “This is the deal.  You suck his fucking cock or I’ll take pleasure in killing you with my bare hands. Do you understand?”