Sunday, December 4, 2011

Prohibited-Just a sample...

To everyone I love
Here is a small sample of my erotic novel Prohibited.  I hope this will encourage you to make that purchase when the time comes. (Not long now.  Prohibited will be out just in time for Christmas!)

Prohibited - just a sample...

“Michael!” I exclaimed.

“Quiet!”  He whispered with his soft lips caressing my ear.

I nearly fainted.

“Michael, what are you doing? Someone could see us.”

Cara mia,” he said quietly. “I couldn’t stay away from you.”

I looked down the dim corridor and was certain that someone would come any minute and catch us together.

My heart started to race. The danger was exciting.

“Michael, not right here, not now.” I said gently yet sternly.

I could feel his hand seductively running up and down my exposed thigh.

It felt so good to have his hands on me.

Gently he turned me around to face him. He reached up and cupped my chin. I lifted my gaze and was drawn into the electric green eyes of the most gorgeous man I had ever seen.

He stared at me for what seemed like forever and then he flashed me a smile full of perfect white teeth. I had seen that smile before. It was the same smile that sent a dizzying current through me and left me unable to think or reason.

In an instant his eyes changed dramatically from amusement to lustful.

He lifted his hand and traced my lips with his index finger. My body heated up at his touch. He leaned forward and kissed me. His lips were probing and hungry for mine. His tongue entered my awaiting mouth and I melted against him. I was caught up in his passion. I was gone for an instant.

When our lips parted, I could still feel them alive with electricity.

I had to gain my composure. I thought I heard someone coming and I shot a gaze down the hallway. It was so dark I couldn’t see anybody.

“Michael, baby, here?”

He continued to trace his fingers up and down my bare thighs.

“I just could not stay away.” He confessed.

At that moment his fingers decided to go a little higher than my thigh. I felt his fingertips graze the lace on my panties and venture inside of them. His fingers touched me gently then softly caressed my clit. I could not help it I let out a low moan.

Cara mia,” he said bringing his face a little closer to mine.

“I want you.”

I lifted my head to look at him. I shouldn’t have done that. His eyes brimmed with tenderness and passion. I immediately became reacquainted with his virile appeal.

“Stop looking at me like that. You are going to get us into so much trouble.” I teased.

He leaned in closer. With some pressure, he pushed me up against the wall. I could feel the coldness from the brick against my back.

 “What do you mean? How am I looking at you?” He said his voice calm, his gaze steady.

“Like you want to eat me alive.”

He leaned in closer.  I could feel his erection pressing up against my thigh.

“Well, I wouldn’t look at you that way my darling, if you didn’t look so damn delectable.” He taunted.

He resumed pleasuring me with is fingers driving me mad.

His hand trailed farther and farther into my panties. With my breath caught in my throat, I let out a huge audible gasp. He lifted my right leg and wrapped it around his waist. He leaned down and our lips reconnected for the second time.

This man was charming, seductive and…rather aggressive.

Damn! That really turned me on!

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