Friday, February 10, 2012

Story from my soon to be released book!

Here is a story from my new book soon to be released March 1!

Erotic Encounters: Tales of the Paranormal and Preternatural

The Hunger

In the light of the full moon he whispered softly in her ear.

“You want me, just admit it.”

She wanted to admit it but she couldn’t. She did not want him to know she could not get enough of him. Just the thought of him and her knees would get weak and her pussy would get severely drenched.

She avoided him the best way she knew how but he would always come back and she would always end up in this state. Always eagerly anticipating his hands on her body.

The scent of him would leave her melting inside yearning for a taste. She just needed a taste of his long hard cock filling her mouth. How she missed having him in her mouth and inside of her.

It almost didn’t matter that he could transform into something else at any given second. He was dangerous and she knew he had a hold on her.

She was obsessed.

He wanted to change her too. She could not bare to think about her life transforming. She knew she had to stop him from accomplishing his goal.

She was his goal. She was his task to conquer.

She escaped him once before and knew that if he ever had her again…she would not run and she would not fight though the fear of him consumed her.

She was completely obsessed.

Obsessed by his tongue and the way his tongue teased the very center of her desire. The way he moaned like an animal in heat when he tasted her feminine sweetness. She sensed he may be in the same position of wanton desire not able to get enough of her.

Maybe he was obsessed too.

She didn’t want to admit it but there was no reason to. He could see it in her eyes. His acute sense of smell could sense the aroma of her desire leaking through her pores.

His body was alert to her longings and his growing pleasure was starting to consume him.

He enjoyed teasing her, making her desire grow. Her taste was divine and he couldn’t get enough of her. It was a hunger that burned deep inside and there was only one way to put out the flames.

He knew that she was afraid of what he becomes. She was afraid of becoming just like him and he knew that fear also fueled her desire and her appetite.

That appetite was what led him to her in the first place. She would be the perfect mate and companion and he knew that she felt the same. She felt that connection that bound them together. It was something they could only feel and found it hard to explain.

He knew deep down they belonged.

He realized she found it hard to admit it but he was not stopping until she said it. He wanted her to say it out loud. He knew that he wanted her the moment he laid eyes on her and he knew that eventually she would feel the same way.

He wanted to possess her.

She held him for such a long time and tonight was his chance. It was his chance.

He had another chance.

He had tried once before but he could not hold her. This time he refused to tear himself away from her. He could not even if he tried. Her pussy was so delicious and fed him better than anything he could or would ever have.   He hoped that his service to her would illicit the answer that he was searching for.

Her moans drove him crazy and it only made him want to service her more. He could feel her juices dripping down his chin and it confirmed to him that he was getting closer to what he wanted.

Her body started to shake and she knew her orgasm was so close. She wanted it so bad but she was terrified of what came next. It was so painful to think about. She has been there before. She knew his power. He grabs hold and never let go. She was beyond lucky to have escaped the last time.

He singes her body with pleasure and excitement with an intensity that left her physical body drained and useless.

Her orgasm flooded his mouth and her breath caught in her throat. She could not think of anything but how amazing her body felt. The pleasure that surged through her was more powerful than anything she has ever felt.

He did not stop. He continued to drink of her and devour every last drop. Her body just shook with a pleasure that radiated from her head to her toes.

When it felt as if her orgasm was finally going to subside and her mind was becoming clear again. She remembered and her eyes shot open.

She had given him exactly what he wanted.

There he stood in all his glory eyeing her like a predator stalking his prey. And she was…his prey. She had always been.

He was ready to stake claim. His eyes that were once brown were now amber in color. His hands were no longer his own. They were monstrous, large, hairy and deformed.

It was time.

He welcomed the familiar feeling of his transformation. The power and strength he felt exhilarated him. He was ready to claim what should have been his all along.

She was afraid to move. Something that she could not see held her to that spot and she could not move. It did not stop her from shuttering as his howl pierced the silence.

She watched as he moved toward her, his body was no longer the sleek familiar shell of a man. He was no longer man.

He was large now and more beast than anything else. Terror struck her heart. She knew it would not be long before she too would transform and leave her humanity behind.

Climbing back onto the bed, he consumed her touching her body with his massive paws.

One scratch was all it took. One touch was all he needed. She watched the red blood from the wound dripped down her arm and onto the bed.

The deed was done. She belongs to him now and there was no one that could save her.