Friday, May 25, 2012

The Foursome: The Conclusion

    Her tongue was warm as she devoured my pussy.  The only thing I could do was focus on the intense pleasure I was feeling.  After a minute, I realized that a woman was eating my pussy.  This was another thing that I had never experienced before. 
Just the thought of her and her tongue lapping up the juices from my cunt and occasionally grazing my pulsating ass hole sent me over the edge.  I cried out collapsing on the bed trembling with my orgasm.  My husband saw it as his opportunity to take her place.  He gently moved her out of the way. 

I gripped the sheets as he entered me. My legs were like jelly so I couldn’t help much at the moment.  As my husband pounded me, her husband laid her on the bed with her legs spread.  He entered her missionary style and began to pound her pussy. 

She and I were close enough to kiss and is what we did as our husbands pounded our tight and wet holes.

Suddenly my husband pulled out and her husband followed his lead.  Again my husband’s warmth was replaced by her husband’s.  He leaned over me and brought his lips close to my ear.

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” He asked.

I was surprised and even more so when I felt his finger drawing circles around my asshole.  I looked over and saw her on her knees again trying to swallow my husband’s dick.  My attention was drawn back to her husband’s when he smacked me hard on the ass. 

I gripped the sheets as my ass continued to sting.  He put his face close to mine and kissed me.   

My husband and I tried to have anal sex but I never had the nerve to go through with it.  It always made me nervous and I was afraid of the pain. I knew, however, that no matter how I answered, her husband was going to fuck me in the ass. 

I was right.  He moved away from me and grabbed a bottle of lube off the side table.  He squirted some into his hand and immediately began to rub it all over his dick saturating it.  he walked over to me and smacked me on the ass again. 

“Get on all fours.” He demanded. 

I obeyed getting on my hands and knees.

Moaning drifted from the other side of the bed.  I snuck a quick peek over and saw my husband fucking her thoroughly.  She was practically screaming from mercy. 

The sound and feel of lube being squirted on my ass brought my attention back. He was behind me making sure I was all lubed up and ready to go.  I felt the cold liquid gel glide down my ass crack. Then his fingers were there working some into my hole. 

When he was satisfied, his fingers began to play with my pussy. I felt him mount me and began to ease his dick into my virgin asshole. 

I felt a rush of stinging pain. He held my hips when I tried to move away. I gripped the sheets and buried my face into the mattress. 

“Oh yes.” He moaned as my tight hole began to wrap around his hard dick. 

He began to pound me and I continued to hold onto the sheets for dear life.  Eventually the stinging eased and was replaced by pleasure. Her moans and mine blended together into an erotic melody. 

I heard the familiar sound of my husband coming.  I looked just in time to see him coming into her mouth.  His cum was on her tongue and she was loving it.

Not to say that I was not having a good time myself.

He was pulling my hair as he continued to pound me. His breathing increased and his hand moved from my hair smacking me on the ass again. He gripped my ass as he came hard inside of me.

He rolled off me and collapsed onto the bed. I collapsed as well. My body was so weak and I was unable to hold up my own weight anymore. 

We all lay there. Her husband lay on my chest and my husband lay sprawled on the floor. She on the other hand, was full of energy.  I wonder if swallowing my husband’s cum gave her a second wind.

She crawled onto the bed and placed my chocolate nipple in her mouth.  She sucked for a second and then looked up at her husband and I.

“You guys ready for round two?” She said as her fingers found my pussy.