Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top Ten Ways to Get Me in the Mood

1.       Get me drunk

-          For some reason alcohol makes me horny.

2.       A nice back massage

-          Always makes me tingly down there.  I’ll never tell my masseuse that…

3.       Dirty talk

-          I love it when a man (or woman)  talks dirty to me

4.       Erotic novels

-          So you can imagine how horny I get writing them.

5.       Kissing

-          I love to kiss all the time.

6.       Porn

-          I’m pretty sure it’s obvious why I get turned on by this.

7.       Being told what to do

-          I love to be submissive.

8.       Hot baths.

-          I always end up touching myself…

9.       Foot massage
- I’m a Pisces so my feet are very sensitive.

10.   Lace

-          It makes me feel so sexy and that always turns me on. I have quite a few lacy things.