Friday, June 22, 2012

One in Each Opening: Story of my fantasy come true. PART 2

 My husband just sat there watching the action unfolding before him. 
 I could see him sitting in a chair in my line of site stroking his cock.  He looked so turned on to see the two men pleasuring me.
 It suddenly dawned on me.  This must have been a fantasy come true for him as well!
 Mike stopped sucking on my breasts to place a long and sensuous kiss on my lips.
Jeff continued to eat my pussy barely coming up for air. 
   Then without warning my husband put a stop to it all.  He ordered all of us off the bed.
   The three men stood in a circle with me in the middle.  All three were erect just waiting for me to pleasure them. 
   I had never been in this position before and I didn’t know who I should start with first. I decided it would be safer to start with my husband.
   I took his large dark dick into my mouth.  His hand instinctively came to my head and I slid his hard shaft in and out of my mouth making sure I was getting it nice and wet.
   He moaned grabbing a head full of my hair.  Suddenly he jerked my head back and forced me to look at him.
   “I think the other guys want a little bit too.”
   I turned and Jeff was standing there stroking his chocolate dick waiting for me to taste him.  I wrapped my lips around him and tried to take in as much of him as I possibly could.  He was so long that I gagged a little completely overwhelmed.
  “That’s right baby. Gag on my big dick!” He said.
   My husband laughed as Jeff fucked my face so hard I thought he was going to shove his dick down my throat.  When I stopped to take a breath I felt someone else grab my hair and not long after that I had Mike’s long pale cock in my mouth. 
   I sucked and stroked them all to the best of my ability.  When I began to take my husband in my mouth again he instantly stopped me. I could tell he was close to coming and he didn’t want to come just yet.
   Instead he ordered me on the bed.  I was to lie on my stomach with my ass in the air.  I was like that for a few seconds before I felt a warm tongue slowly and sensuously licking my pussy.
   From the gentle way my pussy was licked and the masterful technique, I had no doubt it was my husband that tasted me. 
   “My pussy is ready for you to take it.” I said with my face pressed against the bed.
   He laughed and rewarded me with a hard smack on the ass that sent shivers through me. 
   Then he walked away and I just had to lay there and wait feeling vulnerable and exhilarated all at the same time.  Then I felt something being poured on me.  I didn’t know what it was at first as it dripped down my ass crack. 
   Then I heard my husband say.
   “Who wants to do the honors?”
   What was he talking about? I didn’t understand what he meant until I felt a hand on my ass and a finger slide into my asshole.  I could feel my entire body tense up.
   “Relax.” I heard Jeff say.
   He eased another finger inside of me.  The finger felt good but I was nervous about anything else. 
   I guess tonight was the night where my fantasy comes true and my virgin hole gets the workout it deserves. 
   He continued to finger fuck my ass for another minute.  When I tried to sit up, I felt a hand on my head pushing me back down on the bed.  Then there was a mouth by my ear and my husband whispered in my ear. 
   “If you relax it won’t be so bad.”
   I tried hard to relax as David moved his fingers and began to replace them with head of his hard and erect dick.  I winced when he began to push it inside of me.    
   There was an instant shock of pain as his large dick pushed into my tight hole. 
   I buried my face in the pillow and grabbed hold of the sheets until he was all the way inside.  He didn’t start as gentle as I imagined he would. He went from 0 to 60 pounding away inside my asshole.  I cried out and he smacked my ass in response.  After a several minutes of having my ass pounded I noticed I was enjoying it.
   Oh my pussy was dripping just from the thought of his dick in my ass and the harder he fucked me the more I wanted. 
   Then suddenly he stopped backing away from me.  I tried to catch my breath but I didn’t get a chance. I felt myself being flipped over onto my back.  Then Mike’s face was between my legs slurping up the juices flowing from my drenched pussy. 
   I could not take it anymore. I came hard in his mouth lifting my ass off the bed. I grabbed a hand full of his hair moaning as my orgasm flowed through my entire body.
   “Now this is where the party gets really interesting.” My husband said climbing onto the bed.

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