Friday, June 8, 2012

You love to watch and I know it...:an erotic tale.

You love to watch and I know it.  I decided to let you watch me. Oh I have watched you on numerous occasions. I’ve watched you touch yourself stroking your hard dick. I had the privilege of watching you come spewing like a volcano and the honor of licking up every drop.

I decided I would give you the opportunity to watch me. So we get a room so that I could make your fantasy come true.

You sit across the room watching me. This is my first time letting a man watch me pleasure myself. I am a little nervous but you assure me that there is nothing to be nervous about. You promise to be gentle.

I climb on the bed and slowly remove my black lace panties. They slide down my chocolate legs and I notice that your eyes are trained on them. I toss them to the floor and your eyes are back on me. You nod your head at me encouragingly and I prop up some pillows and lay my head back. I want to keep my eyes on you.

I spread my legs to give you a better view of my trimmed pussy. You lean in closer trying to get a better view yet trying to hold your composure. It is difficult for you not to jump in and devour me.
I reach a hand down and began to gently caress my clit working it so that the pleasure flowed through my entire body.

I never thought having someone watch me masturbate would turn me on so much.  I close my eyes and continue to play with myself.  I open them to find him still gazing eyes locked on my pussy.

You lick your lips and continue to watch me anticipating what I would do next.  I took the opportunity to glide three fingers into my wet hole working them in and out feeling my juices drip down my bare thighs. I moaned as I hit my G-spot feeling the sensations radiate through me.

 I knew there was no way you could resist me for very long. 
I see you move from your chair and join me on the bed. You do not touch me right away. You just watch me as my fingers glide in and out.

Then without warning, your mouth makes contact with my beautiful brown breasts.  Your tongue traces a plum colored nipple as your fingers replace mine in my drenched pussy. I throw my head back engulfed in the pleasure.

 You move deciding to take advantage of me in this state and you open my thighs wider. You pause for a second, and then you begin to lap up my juices tasting me vigorously.  I place my hand on your head moaning with pleasure.

Your tongue touches my clit and you draw circles around it taking me to the point of no return. You ease your fingers back into my pussy hoping to land on my sweet spot. You find it quickly not wasting any time. I lick my lips and caress my breast completely under you spell. 

You don’t let up as you hear my breathing increase and my body shaking from what is yet to come.  I know what you want and from the way my body was reacting I knew that I would have no problem giving you what you want.

I could the familiar sensations as you eat me and fuck me with your fingers. My orgasm is getting closer and you know it. You don’t stop and soon I come squirting out my juices soaking everything in the way.

You attempt to catch it in your mouth. You try but there is no use. I soak your face, your hands. Your clothes are drenched.
You stand there dripping of my juices with a smile on your face.