Friday, July 27, 2012

Dark Beauty: My Lesbian Affair (Part 2)

The sensation she was causing throughout my body was driving me insane.  She had her knee against my pussy grinding into me while continuing to grind her pussy against my leg. 

She then moved and dived back between my legs and stroked my pussy with her tongue.  I grabbed a handful of her hair trying not to lose control.

When it seemed as if I was going to come she stopped and looked at me.

“I have something for you.”

She leaped from the bed and ran out of my room before I had time to ask her questions.  I sat up on my elbows trying to figure out what just happened. After a few seconds she ran back into the room waving something that looked like a wobbly rubber wand. 

“What is that?” I asked. 

She was starting to make me nervous

“This, my dear, is a double sided dildo.” She said proudly.

I had never seen one before and I was not sure what she planned to do with it. 

She climbed back on the bed sitting the double sided dildo down next to me.

“We can have some fun with that in a minute, but first…” she said removing her panties and lying down on the bed.

“I want you to see how good my pussy taste.”

I knew this moment would come. I was still a bit nervous. That was until she spread her legs and exposed her hot and wet pussy to my eyes.  My mouth watered as I gazed at her.  She was so wet her juices dampened my bedspread. 

It was surreal. I finally had her beautiful body in front of me and she was giving herself to me. I wanted to savor the moment and not rush into it.  I laid my body on top of hers and began to kiss her.  She smelled and tasted of my pussy and that turned me on so much. I began to kiss down her neck and found my way to her beautiful breasts.

She moaned and caressed my head as I took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck on her gently.  I stayed there for a while just enjoying how good she smelled and how smooth her dark chocolate skin was. 

Eventually I moved down her body trying to drive her crazy with anticipation.  My tongue trailed down and I at last found her wetness. I buried my head between her legs and savored her juices. I lapped at her devouring what I could. She moaned and squirmed underneath me. She threw head back and held on to the sheets.

“You have definitely done this before.” She said as her breathing became more and more uneven.  

I stopped and looked up at her.

“I have never done this before.” I said before I went back to eating and licking her. 

“You could have fooled me!” She said moaning and digging her fingers into my hair.

I continued to lick and suck focusing mainly on her clit. I thought about what I would like if someone were eating my pussy.  I knew I loved it when I had my clit licked while I was being fingered.

I took two fingers and gently pushed them into her pussy.  She moaned loudly.

“Oh don’t stop.” She managed to say.

I continued to finger her.  She moaned and I knew she was close to coming.  Her body began to shutter violently. I didn’t stop my pace. Instantly she came hard in my mouth.  For the first time in my life I made a woman orgasm filling my mouth with her warm sweet cum. 

It took a few minutes for her to recover after her massive orgasm. 

I wiped my mouth off with the sheets and looked up at her.

“Was it good?” I asked.

She sat up on her elbows and laughed.

“Hell yes!”

She rolled over giving me a good view of her large ass. She sat up on her knees and grabbed the large double sided dildo.

“I think it’s time that I return the favor and make you come as hard as you made me. “

She instructed me to lie on my stomach and prop my ass up in the air.  I did as I was told and propped up my ass.  I felt so vulnerable in this position with my asshole and pussy exposed.  It was more frightening that I could not see what she was doing.

Suddenly I felt the warm and wonderful sensation of her tongue teasing and licking my pussy.  I moaned and buried my face into my bed.  It felt so good.  Then her tongue moved to my asshole and I immediately tensed up.  I had never had anal sex before and I was stunned at how good it felt to have her tongue penetrate my tight hole, yet it made me nervous. 

After a while I felt her move.  It took a minute before she made another move.  I felt a hard slap across my ass.  She was using the two sided dildo to spank me. 

It was perfect for me.  I loved being tied up and spanked.  It made me feel so dirty and alive.  She smacked me harder this time and I felt it against my pussy.  It sent a shiver down my spine. 

“Now, let’s see how hard I can make you come.” She said as she slid the dildo between my pussy lips. 

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  1. So hot! I definitely like the idea of being a voyeur during this sexy encounter! Though I can't promise I'll stay on the sidelines. ;)