Friday, July 20, 2012

Dark Beauty: My lesbian affair

It was lust at first sight for me even though I didn’t realize it at first.  The moment I laid eyes on her I believe she had me hooked.  Her long lean legs were one of the first things that caught my eye. 
Whenever I was around her I would get anxious and hot all over.  It unnerved me to know that she could make me feel this way.
What also intrigued me was the knowledge that she was a lesbian.  I could not stop thinking that she preferred the comfort and sex of another woman. 
I have to say I was much more curious than I liked to admit.  I loved having sex with men.  There was no one in hell I was giving up a nice hard dick.  Yet, I was still very curious.
I had always wondered what it would feel like to make love to another woman.  I hid this about me from her.  Though I suspected that she knew more than I thought she knew. 
We met by chance in a night club where we were both there with our dates.  I watched from our table as she grinded on her girlfriend and for a second I wished that she was grinding on me.  Her outfit left nothing to the imagination.  It was a strapless number that only came as low as the middle of her thighs with splits up the side.  I received an amazing view of her beautiful legs. 
I coaxed my date to the dance floor hoping I could get close to her.  She looked at me and I smiled. She smiled back and we continued to dance.  When the DJ began to play slow music we headed to the bar.  She bought me a drink and we decided that we would meet up the next day.
I was much more excited about my “date” with her than I had been with any man recently.  It was at this lunch date that she confessed that she was a lesbian and wanted to date me.  I was flattered and very turned on yet immediately shut down her offer.
I wasn’t gay.
I expressed to her that I was straight. She smiled and did not hide her disappointment.  Despite all this we continued to see each other.  In the next few months we were inseparable and I learned that she was in need of a place to stay.  Her ex-girlfriend kicked her out.
I allowed her to move in with me.  I had two bedrooms and I could use the help paying rent. My other reason for letting her move in…I wanted her very close to me.
After she moved in we caught ourselves up late at night talking about everthing.  I also was exposed to her dating women and sometimes bringing them home with her. 
Once I walked in on her and another woman on my couch. She had thewoman’s legs spread and she was devouring her pussy.  When she looked up at me I could still see the other woman’s juices on her lips.  She apologized to me profusely and promised not to let it happen again. 
The image of her and the other woman kept me up late at night fondling and stroking my own pussy aching for her to touch me the same way.
I could tell when I went out on dates with other guys she would get slightly jealous. She never liked any of them and insisted each time that I could do better.
One day after we had eaten dinner she confessed to me that she was fed up with our friendship. 
“I just can’t take it anymore.” She said turning to stare at me on the couch. 
I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. 
“What are you fed up with?”
She moved over closer to me and placed her hand on my bare thigh.
“I want more than a friendship with you.”
I could tell that she was struggling with this.  A move like this could mean the end of our friendship. I was struggling for a different reason.
Her hand was on my leg caressing me and driving me insane.  I could feel my clit start to throb in a way only she could make it. 
“What more do you want?” I asked.
I should not have asked that question. She completely unloaded all her feelings.
“What do I want? I want you.  I want your body.  I want to kiss you and touch you and make you feel so good.  I lay awake at night tortured that you are so close to me and I can’t touch you the way I wanted to.”
I was shocked at her words.  It was scary how lately I had been feeling the same way although fear and uncertainty was holding me back. 
She continued.
“I want to lay your naked body down and lick every inch of you.  I want to taste your sweet juices on my lips.  I want to stick my fingers in your pussy and drive you insane…” she stopped talking trying to gage my reaction to this.
I do not think she meant to express so much to me.  She looked terrified of what I would say. 
The things that were coming out of her mouth were things I have been thinking about for months now.  I wanted her so bad as well.  My mind drifted to the last time I masturbated thinking about her.  It was after I saw her walk out of our bathroom naked.  Her dark chocolate body was dripping wet.  Water dripped off her nipples and landed on my carpet. 
Her body glistened and my pussy began to weep.  She confessed that she had accidently left her dry towel in her room and had nothing to dry off with.  I wanted to lick her dry at that very moment. 
I hated to see the distress on her face.  She sat waiting for a response from me. I did not know what to say.  So, I leaned over and kissed her.  She was shocked but gave into my advances quickly. 
She tasted sweet and decadent.  She melted in my mouth and I lost myself in her.  She pulled back and looked at me searching my eyes. 
“Are you sure?” she asked.
I looked at her and thought about the many nights I would come soaking my bed to thoughts of her.  How my pussy wept and drenched my panties when she touched me. How at night I would masturbate to thoughts of her licking and tasting my pussy.
I had thought about her so long and despite my fear, a part of me didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to indulge in my fantasies. 
“Yes.” I simply answered and she smiled placing her lips back on mine. 
I felt her hand on my back and my hands moved up to land on her beautiful breasts. 
When she felt my hands on her she pulled back and stood.  She began to undress right in front of me.  I believed she was giving me the opportunity to change my mind. I watched her strip down to her bra and panties.  When she saw that I was not changing my mind she came back over to the couch and began to help me take off my clothes. 
When I was only in my bra and panties as well, she grabbed my hand and I stood following her in the back to her bedroom.
When we crossed the threshold she kissed me again and we stood groping and kissing for a while.  We ended up kissing on her bed and for a second I wondered how many women’s pussy have she eaten on this bed.  The thought turned me on even more.
She reached behind me and released me from my bra.  She tossed onto the floor and immediately began to devour my breasts.  Her lips and tongue found my nipples and she sucked on them for dear life.  She squeezed one breasts while she sucked on the other. 
She was on top of me and I  took advantage of that and released her from the lacy material of her bra.  She sat up and tossed her bra to the side.  My mouth watered to look at her.  They were the most delectable breasts I had ever seen. 
I reached up and grabbed one.  She smiled.  She climbed off me and began to pull my panties down my legs.  She was moving so fasts and I felt as if she wanted to get me lost in the pleasure before I could change my mind.
She tossed my panties to the side and quickly spread my legs. I moaned as her tongue drew patterns on my clit.  Screams of pleasure that were surging through my body released from me. She sucked and licked on my pussy for a few more minutes before sitting up. She placed her body on top of mine and we kissed again. She slowly grinded her sopping pussy against my thigh and I moaned with the pleasure.
To Be Continued…


  1. As always, you set up a beautifully erotic scenario. We can't wait to read part 2!