Friday, August 3, 2012

Dark Beauty: My lesbian affair. (The Conclusion)

The dildo was rather big and I could feel my pussy lips stretch to accommodate it.  I moaned with pleasure and I could hear her laugh. 

“You sound like you are enjoying it.” She said continuing to fuck me with the dildo.

I could only nod my head vigorously.  She was rough with me and I liked it that way.  I had always had a fantasy of being man handled but I didn’t think that it would be a woman who would do this to me and make me feel so good. 

She was hitting my G-spot beautifully and I could barely stand it.  I was struggling to hold on and I could feel my orgasm building.  She roughly thrust the dildo in and out pausing occasionally to lick my pussy juices from it.  Sometimes she would pull it out and shove the hard erect piece in my mouth.  I licked off my juices savoring the moment as it was completely turning me on in ways I could not even imagine. 

Suddenly she slid the dildo from my pussy and replaced it with her tongue. She licked and sucked on me. Her tongue gradually reached my ass hole and she didn’t hesitate as she plunged her tongue inside of me sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. 

“Oh that feels so good.” I exclaimed. 

“I know babe but I have something better for you.”

She stopped and climbed off the bed rushing into her room.

I continued to stay on my hands and knees not wanting to move.  My body was hot and excited.  I wanted to know what else she could have in store for me.

She had so many plans for fucking me that I decided that she had been fantasizing about me like I have been fantasizing about her.  She already had plans for what she would do to me when she had me.  It made me all the more turned on and in response my pussy began to leak.

She came back after a minute,.

I looked at her and she was wearing a strap-on.  It was a large big black dick attached to her small frame.

“I can’t wait to fuck you.” She said.

She positioned herself behind me and placed her hands on either side of my ass cheeks.  I propped up my ass to give her better access to my pussy.

“That’s right.  Give me that sexy ass.”

I groaned as the large dildo tried to penetrate me.  It would not go in at first, but she refused

to give up. She continued to try and ease the large dick inside of me.  Finally she was able to slide it in making my knees weak. 

            She was a pro the way she fucked me. My fingers gripped the sheets and I could not stifle the moans and screams that exited my mouth.  She added more pleasure by smacking my ass.  I could my orgasm getting close to reaching a peak beyond anything I had ever felt before.  She fucked me nice and rough and without mercy.  I came all over her and her large dick.  I think just sensations she received from fucking me made her come hard and strong. 

My legs were useless to me and I feel flat on my stomach.  She collapsed on top of me.

We lay that way for a while kind of in silence. I lay there thinking. I just fucked another woman and I loved it!  I was afraid of what I had just done.  I always wanted to fuck a woman and I have wanted nothing more than to fuck her.  It was amazing and yet scary all at the same time.  Where would this take our friendship? Would we be able to still as close?

I definitely did not want this to ruin our friendship however I knew that one of the reasons I was so attached to her was because I wanted to get my head in-between her legs.

After our sexual encounter it was difficult to for us not to have our hands all over each other every chance we got.  She was so sexy.  I found myself craving her dripping pussy. 

Yet, it didn’t last.  It turned out she wanted much more than a sexual encounter with me.  She wanted all of me and I was not sure I wanted to give all that to a woman.  I still loved to be with men very much though I enjoyed sex with a woman. 

Eventually she moved out and we went our separate ways. Yet it has not stopped me from thinking about her a lot.  When I couldn’t sleep I fantasized about having her in my arms. I would lie awake pleasuring myself to thoughts of my tongue tasting and licking her beautiful and tasty pussy and clit.


  1. We just re-read part 1 and read part 2. Jill masturbated while fantasizing about sex with you. She came shouting your name. And now, we're going to have sex. Thank you!


    1. Oh mu goodness Jill is so Hott! You guys are welcome!