Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top Ten People I secretly Want to Have Sex With

1.       My best friend in Indianapolis

-          I used to wonder if she wanted me too. I was always too chicken to ask her. I may have missed out on something…


2.       My former boss. 

-She was gorgeous and I always found myself fantasizing about tasting her and making her come in mouth. Never had a thing for blondes until I met her…


3.       My high school U.S. History Teacher

-In high school I used to flirt with him all the time and always regretted not fucking him when I had the chance.


4.       My brother’s best friend.

-My brother hated that we had a thing but I never had the opportunity to fuck him the way that I wanted to.


5.       My husband’s former boss.

-Kept this one a secret for a long time.  I didn’t want my husband to feel uncomfortable. It would have been weird knowing that your wife wanted to fuck your boss.


6.       My older sister’s Boyfriend.

-I know that she would kill me if she knew that I had a thing for her guy. I would never betray her trust like that but, a girl can fantasize.


7.       My sorority sister.

 -I always thought she was very sexy.  I would fantasize having a three-some with her and my hubby.  It would be so hot.


8.       My daughters teacher

-My goodness for some reason I have thing for male teachers.  It is a secret of mine that I think they are so hot.  Could be the reason I had a crush on so many in high school.


9.       Our Next Door Neighbor

--She is so sexy.  She is tall with large breasts.  I love large breasts!


10.   An old high school friend.

-She was my first girl kiss and I always wanted to do more.  I just was not at the point to admit that I was sexually attracted to women.  I regret not going all the way.


  1. Cool idea for a post! We did something similar as part of a Formspring Friday post, but narrowed it down to just three each (well, Jill narrowed it down to six: Three guys and three ladies). But we could have easily done ten each.