Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Obsession with Older Men

I have a healthy obsession with older men.

I say healthy because I don’t go crazy. I just like the company of older men.

I have always thought that age was just a number and should not be the reason you didn’t date someone.

One of my good friends can thank me because I encouraged her to date a man much older than she was. She had her doubts because of his age but I insisted that if she liked him and he liked her age should not hold them back. Well, she went on a date and now they are engaged to be married. I am not taking all the credit but she did come to me for advice and my advice helped tipped the scales and she went on that date.

From a young age I always liked older men. In 7th grade I had a math teacher that I thought was very cute and very sexy. (Yes, I was a very precocious child).

In high school, I had a huge crush on my U.S. History and Economics teacher.

I thought my love for older men was due to what influenced me when I was growing up. I loved to read romance novels and in those novels there seemed to always be older men with younger women. They were strong, suave and knew what to do with her body. They had a power about them that was unmatched

Before I was married, almost all the men I dated were much older than I was. When I was 18 I dated a man that was 30, a man that was 42 and a man that was 35.

Why do I like older men?

In my case, it’s all sexual with me.  I have always felt like an older man knew just what to do with my body. He knows how to take his time and his years give him the experience that a younger man would not have.

It intensified when it was mixed with my intense love for alpha males and to be dominated in bed. I love to be submissive and I have always found that I can be freer and more into being submissive when I am with an older man.

It also didn’t help much that it seemed that older men no matter their race were very much attracted to me.

It is very hard to me to see a disadvantage to dating an older man.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any limitations. I do have my limits.  

What are my limits?

They can’t be older than my parents. That is just a little too uncomfortable for me.  I have sisters that date men that my parents call “Mr.” or “Sir” (What can I say, they respect their elders.)

 That’s just a little too much for me and I would not put my parents in that awkward situation.

I also have someone very close to me that went on a date with an older man and the next day he died of natural causes.

Okay, so maybe there is a disadvantage to dating an older man.

Anyway, I just love them and they turn me on so very much.

Will I always like older men? I don’t know. The older I get that may change. I may start to like younger men. Naw…I don’t see that happening.


  1. As an older man, I'd very much like to be the object of your affections...