Monday, December 3, 2012

Being the center of a Fantasy: My biggest turn on.

Everyone fantasizes about something. It could be an orgy, sex with that sexy librarian or being doubly penetrated by two beautiful men. You may be  fantasizing about being the center of attention ready to be fucked all night long.  

I am positive that everyone has fantasies.

That includes me of course.

I have my share of fantasies as well. I fantasize all the time. But there is one thing that turns me on more than anything else.

Nothing turns me on more than being the center of someone else’s fantasy. It turns me on to think that someone somewhere is fantasizing about me.

It makes me wonder… What could they be imagining?

There are so many things and so many possibilities. The thought just makes me want to touch myself.


I wonder if they are imagining my smooth chocolate body slide into some sexy lingerie or… Sliding out of it?


I love the way lace feels against my body. I also love the way it looks on me. My favorite color lingerie… Black!


Could they be imagining me with my mouth around their hard cock or my head buried between their legs?


Pleasing them would be my goal as I let my tongue slide slowly around their hard throbbing cock or, letting my tongue glide effortlessly across their clit.


Just the thought of these fantasies make me leak my juices down my thighs. Just for one second if I knew someone that was fantasizing about me it would drive me crazy.


Could they be fantasizing about dominating me?


I could see it now. Me, on all fours while they spank me and make me come from the pain. I can see them doing all types of nasty things to me while I'm tied up and out of control.


Yes, I love to fantasize. I love to fantasize about all different types of things. Yet there is nothing like thought of someone fantasizing about me.


So tell me… what are you fantasizing?

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