Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top Ten Sexiest Questions Asked of Me Answered: ROUND 2

1.      On a scale of one to 10, how important is sex in a relationship?

Sex would be a 9 on a scale from one to ten for me.

2.      What percentage of the time that you have sex do you climax?

My husband is amazing. I always climax. So 100%.

3.      Who in your relationship is more into sex?

We are both very much into sex, but his sex drive is a 20 on a scale from 1-10 and mine is a 10.  As you can see, he is off the charts. lol

4.      Do you have a fantasy that puts you over the edge?

I always fantasize about having an orgy with a large group of women.  That always sends me over the edge.

5.      Do you prefer to be dominant or submissive?

I love being the submissive one. I like it rough and I like it when a man tells me what to do.

6.      Are you straight, gay or bisexual?

I’m bisexual.

7.      Do you prefer men to be tall or short?

I prefer them to be taller than me.

8.      Does size matter?

Breast? Yes    Penis? No…well, somewhat.

9.      Do you use sex toys? How many do you have?

Yes I use sex toys. I have too many to count.

10.  Have you ever had phone sex?

       Yes! I enjoy it!


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