Friday, January 4, 2013

The Chasers

Some people learn their lessons the hard way. It takes something to scare the shit out of you before you learn.

My best friend Jasmine and I were that type. We spent most of our time watching ghost shows and wondering what it would be like to stay in those haunted houses. We were obsessed with ghost and the paranormal.

We decided that we just had to take our things and go on a search for our own ghostly encounter. We were graduating from college and soon we would part ways. Jasmine suggested that we take our spring break and go on a road trip across the country.

I was so excited! I was hoping that we could find some sexy guys along the way as well. We hoped that we would find and be attracted to some paranormal fanatics like us.

We loaded up the car, gassed up and headed out on the most fantastic road trip ever. She had it all mapped out for us and we spent our days in some of the creepiest spots around the country.

We visited abandoned insane asylums, haunted old mansions and a creepy old school where the children and teachers were all murdered.

Don’t get me wrong. It was creepy and some pretty freaky stuff happened. Doors slammed without anyone touching them. We heard weird noises and sometimes voices when there was no one else left in the room but us.

It was so much fun being scared out of our minds, yet we didn’t get any sex along the way. I was so horny and all this fright and terror kind of put me in the mood.

The last leg of the trip was a bed and breakfast. This one was special because we had never slept at a haunted house until this place.

This bed and breakfast supposedly was haunted in a special way. According to the owners, the place used to be a former brothel. Apparently, one night the husband of one of the prostitutes snuck into the house and killed everyone, including his wife.

We thought that was so cool!

We knew that this had to be added to the trip. It seemed scary and sexy.

When we arrived we were greeted by a sweet little old lady named Mildred. She was very short with gray hair and frumpy clothes that were two sizes too big.

Apparently she was the only person that worked here. She cleaned the place, cooked the meals. Basically, she did everything.

“How do you have time to do all of that?” I asked.

She smiled.

“Well, dear, I don’t get very many guests around here.” She said smoothing out a wrinkle in her skirt.

“Why don’t you get a lot of guests?” Jasmine asked.

The little old ladies face grew very solemn.

“Well, on account that the place is haunted. Most people are bothered by that fact.”

We didn’t ask her anything else. I don’t think she was happy that her quaint little place was considered a haunted tourist spot.

We had planned to stay one night and then were going to hit the road. After one night there, we didn’t have any strange encounters. Jasmine talked me into staying just one more night. The little old lady was elated to have more company.

This gave us more time to explore the house. We walked from room to room admiring the old charm the house had. Still, no spooky encounters though.

I guess we were looking for a spook like the ones we had seen in the movies or on TV. It just didn’t seem to be happening for us.

I walked into one room and there were these old photos of women on the wall. I assumed these were the women that prostituted here. It looked almost like a memorial to them.

Jasmine was stuck on one picture.

“What are you looking at?” I asked joining her on the other side of the room.

“This picture is creepy. The woman in it looks like she could be your twin.”

I stared at the picture and was floored. The woman in the picture did look a lot like me. It looked like she could have been my great-great-great grandmother or somuething. It totally had me freaking out a little.

We stood staring at the pictures. We just could not believe what we were seeing.

“It was her husband that killed everyone in the house.”

We almost jumped out of our skin. We both turned and spotted the little old lady standing in the doorway.

“We were just noticing how much she looks like Shannon. It’s strange.”

The old lady walked over to the picture. She pulled her glasses out of her front pocket and gazed at the picture. She looked at the woman and then back to me.

“You do look an awful lot like her my dear.”

She looks at the picture and then at me again.

“Strange.” She said and limps out of the room.

We stare at her as she leaves and then we exchange glances.

Later that night, Mildred made us a delicious spaghetti dinner. We sat and chatted with her. She told us the weird encounters that had been going on in the house. According to her, many visitors claim they see a man wondering the house.

“Wow, that’s creepy.” Jasmine said slurping some spaghetti into her mouth.

“Where have they seen him exactly?” I asked very interested in this.

I have been more interested since I discovered that one of the woman looked like me. I wanted to know more about the haunting.

“They say they see him just wondering through the house.”

“Do they say what he does?”

She smiled.

“You ladies are very interested in this.”

We both nodded.

“Well, sorry. I am done talking about ghosts for the night.”

She began to remove our plates and we took that as our cue to leave. We left the kitchen and headed towards our rooms. We sat up talking for awhile and then we headed to bed. I was exhausted and we needed to get on the road early tomorrow since we blew our schedule and stayed another night.

I lay in bed in the dark for awhile thinking about the woman in the picture. Why did she look so much like me? Maybe, she was related to me? I wondered if maybe she was me in another life.

After tossing and turning for awhile, I finally drifted off to sleep. After only being asleep for a couple of hours, I was awaken. I opened my eyes and standing at the foot of the bed was a figure. My first instinct was to scream, but something stopped me. A feeling came over me and I felt a sense of warmth and love. The figure approached my bed.

I closed my eyes hoping I was just dreaming. When I opened my eyes, he was gone.

I sat up in bed looking around the room trying to let my eyes adjust to the dark. I just knew I had been dreaming.

 That was soon dismissed when the covers on my bed began to move. It was lifting as if someone was crawling under my sheets.

I was frozen at first and then I mustered up all my courage and threw the covers off my body.


There was no one there.

Suddenly, I felt a hand grab my foot and yank me flat on my back. Then something that felt like a hand that I could not see, began to slide my nightgown up my body.  Slowly, my breasts and panties were exposed. I prayed under my breath afraid to move a muscle.

It was very difficult to describe what was happening to me. Without seeing anyone, I felt lips and hands on my body. I felt pinned to the bed as if someone was actively seducing me.

Without warning, my panties were literally ripped from my body and my legs were spread open.

I knew what it felt like to have my pussy licked and that is what was happening to me. I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of comfort and love. The person touching me and licking me loved me.

I gave myself over to the sensations that enveloped me.

It felt so good that I let my hands snake up and began to caress my breasts. I felt a tongue lick up my thighs and then back into my warm wetness.

I felt something filling my hole. A moaned escaped my lips that excited and shocked me at the same time. I closed my eyes and it was as if a man was fucking me senseless on my bed. I could feel the thrust and the passion behind each one. It was unmistakable.

I moaned and cried out as I felt my orgasm emerging. My mind was swimming. I couldn’t explain what was happening.

My moaning must have been very loud because the bedroom door swung open and in walked Jasmine. The look on her face was full of terror and fear. It was if she saw something that I could not see.

Could she see the man that was seducing me?

That must have been the case because she turned as if to high tail it out of there. She was no match for this spirit. Something grabbed her and lifted her body from the ground. It appeared to me as if she was floating in midair.

I screamed not knowing what else to do. I finally jumped off the bed and tried to grab her. Instead I ran right into what felt like a brick wall. I could not get to her. We were so afraid. She was crying and gasping for air.

“Please let her go!” I screamed at whoever had my friend strangling her.

She kicked and flailed about trying to get herself free.

Finally, whatever was holding her let her go. She fell from the air with a thud. I was finally able to get to her. She was crying and I was trying to do whatever I could to console her.

Obviously, we didn’t stay after that. We gathered our things and got the fuck out before dawn.

Once we returned home, I did more research on the house. According to some sources I found, the man that went crazy and killed everyone was mentally insane. The little old lady had put me in the same room his wife occupied. It didn’t hurt that I looked just like her.

After our little encounter Jasmine and I were done with ghost and the paranormal. She hid for awhile and was unable to cope with what happened to her. Our friendship deteriorated after that.

Needless to say we never went looking for ghost again.
You can find this story and many more in my short story anthology Erotic Encounters: Tales of the Paranormal and Preternatural.

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  1. That's messed up that they got exactly what they were searching for, but couldn't handle it. But that's what happens when you mess with the paranormal.