Friday, February 1, 2013

A Bad Girl Curse (Conclusion)

I rolled over and trying to figure out what was going on. There was a woman standing in the doorway. I looked at Candice. She seemed terrified at the woman that just walked into the room. She was very tall with short dark hair and a crazy look in her eyes. She was very beautiful as well, but the angry scowl on her face masked her beauty.

The woman stood there motionless for a while and Candice followed suit not moving and staring back at the woman.

I on the other hand needed to know who this was.

“Candice what is going on? Who is she?”

Finally the woman moved taking a couple of steps further. That is when I noticed the gun in her hand. She walked over to me and raised it. I cowered backwards almost knocking Candice off the bed.

“Oh, Candice. You didn’t tell her.” She turned to me and pointed the gun in my face.

“I’m her girlfriend. Her girlfriend for 6 years.”

I was shocked but not surprised. I had knack for finding the attached women or women that could not stay faithful. I felt cursed at that moment. Yet the thought ran through my head that I may not be cursed for much longer. I didn’t know that I was going to walk out of here alive.

“Stay the fuck away from my girlfriend!” She said touching the gun my forehand. I have never been so terrified my entire life. At that moment I prayed to GOD that if he saved me from this I would not hook up with random women anymore. 

I slowly climbed backwards with fear surging through my body. I didn’t know this woman but I did know that she walked in on me fucking her girlfriend, she has a gun pointed at me and she seems pretty damn crazy. I raised my hands to show that I was defenseless at the same time trying to cover my naked body.

Finally Candice snapped out of her stupor and tried to reason with her girlfriend.

“Shannon, please put the gun down.” Candice said.

I was afraid and my eyes darted around the room looking for a way out.

She slowly climbed off the bed and gently approached her girlfriend.

“Shannon, I am so sorry. Please just put the gun down and we can talk. We don’t need guns to talk about this.”

Shannon moved backwards away from Candice. I watched them and the door wondering if I could escape without getting shot in the back.

“Candy, you are a fucking liar! You tell me you are going to be faithful and I find you fucking another woman. You are a stupid bitch if you think I am going to let you walk away from this.”

That sounded like a serious threat to me. Was she really going to kill her? I felt tightness in my chest and I could barely breathe.

Candice took another step forward. I could see the fear in her eyes yet she didn’t back down. She approached Shannon and smiled.

“I know you are angry with me. I fucked up! Yet, I am willing to do anything you want me to do to make it up to you. Just please put the gun down.”

Shannon did the opposite. She raised the gun at Candice. Yet Candice continued to approach her. Shannon took a step back. I think the fact that Candice didn’t back down shocked her. It shocked me to. I was afraid for her and myself.

Shannon began to lower the gun. I started to feel slightly better. Then Candice did the unthinkable. She reached for the gun and got her hand on it. That infuriated Shannon and they both began to fight for the weapon.

I watched as they struggled for the gun. I wasn’t sure what I should do. Apparently these women were crazy and I was afraid that the gun would go off. Apparently she was too much and too strong for Candice. Eventually she wrestled the gun away, grabbed Candice by the hair and smashed the butt of the gun against Candice’s head.  I watched as she fell to the floor obviously knocked out. Then her girlfriend turned to me. She still had the gun in her hand.

“Please, don’t do this. I didn’t know she had a girlfriend. Just let me go,” I reasoned.

She smiled at me.

“You aren’t going anywhere. I caught you fucking my girlfriend and now you are going to make up for it.”

She dropped her pants to her ankles and then stepped out of them.  She also removed her panties exposing her bushy pussy to me. The entire time her gun stayed pointed at me. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“You’re gonna eat my pussy.”

She lay on the bed with the gun still pointed at me. I was shocked at her order. I had never eaten pussy under duress.

“Go on…eat it!” she demanded.

I slowly dropped to my knees letting them hit the carpet. I placed my hands on her thighs and slowly went in to taste her. I was hoping that she would let me live after eating her pussy. I decided that if eating her pussy and making her come hard was going to free me and let me live another day I was going to eat this pussy like I had never eaten pussy before. And if she killed me, I guess if eating pussy was the last thing I did before I died, it wouldn’t be so bad.

I ate her and was delighted that she actually tasted really good. I focused on her clit when I noticed that she seemed to like that the best.  I was just hoping the harder I made her come the better my chances were of getting out of here. I continued to eat her looking up occasionally to see if she still had the gun pointed at me.

She did.

So I continued to eat her and listen to her moan.

The last time I looked up I saw Candice slowly moving toward Shannon from the other side of the bed. I tried not to bring attention to her. I just continued to fill my mouth with pussy. Shannon was feeling so good she no longer had the gun pointed at me. She had her hands above her head and all her attention was on the pleasure she was feeling.

I saw Candice slowly moving closer and closer to Shannon. Suddenly, she snatched the gun and I stopped what I was doing and fell to the floor wiping pussy juice from my face. Candice pointed the gun at her girlfriend. Shannon was started and she turned over and immediately tried to leap at Candice.

That is when I heard the gun go off. It was a loud pop and Shannon hit the bed and did not move. I knew my eyes were big round saucers at this point but still not as big as Candice’s. We both just sat there staring at Shannon’s limp body. Candice dropped the gun and started to shake. To gain control she wrapped her arms around her body. I didn’t know what to do. I stood and headed for living room. I grabbed my clothes and dressed. Then I grabbed my cell and called my friend Lacy. I told her where I was but not what happened. She said she would pick me up and I was grateful I had such good friends. Next I called the police.

It seemed like the thing to do.

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