Friday, February 8, 2013

Mile High: An erotic tale

It was the first time I was flying alone.
 It’s not the first time I’ve been on a plane, but is the first time I was on one by myself.
I was nervous.
My husband got me off with lots of kisses but I was still nervous and stressed.
I made it painlessly through security. I slipped my shoes back on and made it through the mesh of souvenir shops and cafés to my gate.
I checked my boarding pass and the numbers matched up. I still had 30 minutes until they started boarding for this flight. I was getting more nervous the closer it got to me getting on the plane. Though I have flown before, it was much different when you fly alone. I distracted myself and tried to calm my nerves by texting some friends and take advantage of the airport Wi-Fi service. After a few minutes of surfing the net, I felt eyes on me. I looked up to see a man casually leaning back in his seat with one leg folded across the other – staring at me. I looked away and back at my laptop. My own personal paranoia made me nervous about him staring.
After a few minutes I looked up to see if he continued to stare at me. He was looking down at the newspaper he was reading. It gave me the opportunity to check him out. He was a tall white man with short and styled black hair. He was impeccably dressed from his head to his toes. He was gorgeous and I would have stared longer but he looked up obviously feeling my eyes on him.
I didn’t look away soon enough. He caught my gaze and smiled. I didn’t smile back. I just went back to my laptop as if nothing happened. After a few minutes, it was announced they would start boarding the plane soon. I packed up my laptop and prepare myself to board the plane. I reached into my pocket to pull out my boarding pass when I noticed… it wasn’t there!
I immediately panicked. I searched every pocket. I began to tear my carry-on apart. My first time flying alone and I lose my looking boarding pass! I wanted to scream, until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I stood and turned around. And standing there looking at me with a smirk on his face was my handsome watcher.
I froze.
He was holding something out to me.
“I believe this is what you are looking for?”
He pushed it towards me but I was too frozen to take it. It was my boarding pass.
Suddenly they announced they would be boarding preferred and rewards customers first. It snapped me back into reality and I snatched the boarding pass from him.
 He smiled.
“Looks like you might need some help?”
I couldn’t do anything but nod. He chuckled a little and we hurriedly pushed and shoved all my things into the carry-on bag. I barely had time to thank him before they called his boarding group. When it was time for me to board, I grab my bags, handed them my boarding pass and made my way down the long hall to board my plane. It was a tiny vessel with a 14 rows and 4 seats per row. I had to squeeze  my body down the aisle to find my seat.
Row 6 seat A.
A window seat.
 I squeezed down the tiny aisle behind the slow people taking their time shoving their carry-ons into the tight spaces of the overhead compartments.  Eventually I found my seat and a nice disturbing surprise.
“Well, hello there,” he said smiling  at me and putting the  newspaper he was reading away.
He moved put of his seat to allow me to  squeezed by. In the process, I could have sworn he touched my ass as I went by.
It’s all in my head, I thought as I slid my bag under the seat in front of me. I buckled my seatbelt and nervously looked out the window. I hated small talk and wanted to avoid it at all cost.  
He wasn’t going to let that happen.
“So, is Denver your final destination?” he asked.
I looked at him with a smirk.
“It doesn’t make me feel good having you reference a movie where the plane exploded in mid air.”
It took him a second, then a large grin spread across his face and he began to laugh. He stuck out his hand “I’m Dan.”
I shook his hand smile
“Nice to meet you Dan, I’m Dina.”
He smiled.
“Nice to meet you, Dina.”
He released my hand.
“No, Denver is not my final destination.”
He smiled.
“Where you headed?”
I hesitated at first realizing he was still a stranger. Then I realized I was being crazy.
“I’ve headed to the Midwest.”
He grimaced.
“Wow, I hear it’s freezing there.”
I laughed.
“Yes, but I am prepared.”
We continued to chat a little until the flight attendants began their safety speeches and the pilot informed us we were ready to go.
As the plane taxied on the runway getting ready to liftoff, he could tell that I was a little nervous. I could not stand to look out of the window during take off. I shut the window afraid to look out and see what was going on. Without saying anything he reached over and grabbed my hand and squeezed. Normally I would’ve grabbed my hand back but in this case I needed all the comfort that I could get. Finally I could feel my ears pop and the plane lifted off the ground. Once we were actually in the air, I could feel myself relax a little bit and I removed my hand from his. After a few minutes,  I reached down grabbing my bag smashed under the seat in front of me. I opened it up and pulled out the travel blanket and travel pillow I bought.
Dan looked at me and he laughed.
“What’s so funny?” I asked.
He reached into his bag that was under the seat in front of him and pulled out a piece of fabric similar to the one I was covering up with..
“It’s funny. I have the same blanket.”
I smiled to myself and laid the blanket across my lap. He did the same with his blanket.
The flight attendant finally announced that we could turn on our electronic devices. I pulled out my laptop and turned it on prepared to play solitaire or anything on my computer to pass the time.
I noticed that when the flight attendant announced that we could now move around the plane and that included use of the bathroom, my watcher next to me made a comment about how that was a crazy place for people to have sex. The airplane bathroom. I laughed because I found it amazing that anyone would be able to accomplish anything in that tiny space.
“That is crazy. I can barely pee in there let alone have sex.”
He laughed.
“I think it’s crazy. If they were smart they would realize it would be easier to come right in your seat. That would be more satisfying.”
I had no clue what he was talking about.
“What are you talking about?” I asked.
“Well,” he began with a smirk on his face. “I can make a woman come right here in her seat.”
He looked at me deeply.
“Can I demonstrate.”
I was speechless. I opened my mouth to speak then closed it when no words came out. He was turning me on for some reason my ‘I’m married leave me the fuck alone’ meter was broken by my need to be touched. I guess he took my silence as consent as he leaned in closer to me. He slipped his hand under my blanket. I had to be out of my mind.  I could not believe I was letting him do this. I felt his fingers delicately undo the clasps on my pants. He brought his mouth to my ear and whispered,
“I so badly want to taste you.”
I could feel my pussy soaking my panties. My mind was screaming for me to stop this madness but my body didn’t want to end. My pussy and my throbbing clit wanted to be touched so badly. When his fingers finally ventured into my pants, a small gasp escaped from my lips. I looked around to see if anyone heard me. The flight attendant was in the back and most people around us were either sleep, listening to headphones or both.
He didn’t stop. His fingers went further until they reach my incredibly wet pussy. My legs were shut tight so it was difficult for him to go any further.
“Can I touch you? I want to make you come so badly,” he whispered in my ear.
His breath on my ear made me shiver. But I opened my legs little and adjusted myself so that he could gain entry. His fingers were like magic on my sensitive and throbbing clit. He worked my clit and I could  barely contain myself. I was so wet his fingers mercilessly sliding across my clit occasionally slipping inside my pussy.
“Come for me,” he whispered and began increasing the pace of his magic fingers.
I threw my head back my griping the armrest trying to hold in my moans and groans of pleasure.
“Oh,” I moaned as quietly as I could
He smiled
“That’s right! Come for me.”
I didn’t know how much more I could take. I could feel my orgasm building and I knew I was going to be a strong one. How could I ever be quiet and not alert the flight attendant or the other passengers. He didn’t let up continuing to give me pleasure.
I continued my tight grip on the seat. Finally my orgasm exploded and the air pressure around me suddenly felt heavy and I was having trouble breathing. I pressed my head into the seat and clenching  my teeth trying to hold in my explosion. He continued to touch me for a few seconds more gently caressing my tender clit.
Suddenly he stopped and pulled his hand out.
I looked at him and he seductively and  slowly licked his fingers. I couldn’t believe what he had done… what I let him do
“That was awesome,” I mouthed to him trying to avoid being overheard.
He raised an eyebrow at me and his smile widened
“I’m glad you feel that way.”
He then grabbed my hands slid it under his blanket. His grip was firm but I let him lead me. Then my hand landed on a large firm dick.
I looked up at him and he moved closer.
“Now it’s my turn.”


  1. Did she lick her fingers too afterwards? :) Erotic good...