Friday, February 22, 2013

The Ring

     My Vows. 

They should mean more to me.  The ring that I wear signifies the love and devotion that I feel for my husband.

But it has been stated that you can’t change a whore. 

I tried for years to suppress my inner whore, but it wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

When I met my husband I was on a slut wave and any penis that got in my way got sucked or fucked. 

That was me and I didn’t intend to change for anyone. I had been through enough heartache and I wasn’t going to give my all to another man.

Then I met my husband. He was a very beautiful man. He was tall, dark and a very sexy alpha male.  His big brown eyes had a way of penetrating your soul.

I was overwhelmed by his charm, gentleness and sophistication. He knew how to lay down the dick and make me beg for more. He suddenly became my world and I felt like a changed girl. For the first year of our relationship, I was faithful and my body belonged to him.

Then after our first year together I became restless. My husband was a good lover, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted more. More at that time came in the form of an ex-boyfriend.  I would sneak over to his house and we would get down and dirty in the sheets.  Every other evening I would be in his bed with my ample ass in the air and his hard dick pounding my wet tight pussy.

I could not get enough.

Yet, I would always feel guilty afterward. I just couldn’t stop. I loved dick too much.  All a man had to do was drop his pants and I was on my knees mouth ready for that dick to fill my mouth. 

My husband who was my boyfriend at the time was not dumb.  He suspected what I was doing but his love for me was so great he overlooked it. He even proposed. Oh he was still a typical Alpha male and he would yell and threaten me. He wanted me to stop and after he proposed I promised him that I was done. That he was all I wanted.

I thought maybe once we married I would really be a changed woman.  I would be the wife he needed me to be. I tried very hard, but three years into out married that restless feeling started again. I began to cheat again. I would leave the house trying to convince my husband that I was just hanging with my friends, but I knew that he knew the truth. I could see it in his eyes every time I left. I could tell he wanted to say something to stop me but he knew I wasn’t going to change. He loved me and he said nothing knowing he was sharing me with other men. 

He seemed to back away from sex with me but he remained affectionate.  Once in a while when he would fuck me he would do it so vigorously my pussy would be sore for a few days.  I think he was trying to fuck the whore out of me.  He wanted to make my pussy so sore he could have me to himself for a couple of days.

He is so devoted to our vows that the other day I found condoms in our desk drawer that I didn’t buy. He loved me so much that even as I sleep around he wants to make sure that I am protected.

I lay in bed feeling so guilty. My recent lover lies next to me. His hands trace my body and I think about what I am getting out of this.

My vows should mean more to me. The ring that I wear should mean more to me than sex.

Why do I feel the need to sleep with so many men? I climb out of his bed and began to put on my clothes. 

I ride the 30 minutes to my house thinking I will jump into the shower when I get home.  He is normally sleep at this hour and lately he doesn’t bother me when I get home.

I walk into the house and all is quiet. I make my way into my bedroom and I see the outline of his body in bed. I move toward the dresser and notice there is someone on my side of the bed. I flick on the light and I see my husband and another woman in bed.

I am too shocked for any words, yet I manage to call his name.


He rolls over and so does the woman he is fucking. They are both nude and looking at me.  He doesn’t look worried. He doesn’t even look like he is doing anything wrong.  In fact he folds his arms behind his head and just smiles at me.

“Welcome home.”


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