Friday, March 15, 2013

The Shower

My shower was steamy. I liked it that way. The hotter the better. I let the hot water slide down my body from my large shower head. My hands followed the water and caressed my body.

I was beginning to turn myself on, caressing my breasts, squeezing and teasing my nipples. My wet hands glided against my body and I closed my eyes taking in the sensations.

Softly I could hear footsteps getting closer and closer. Suddenly, the sliding glass door opened and the cool breeze shook my body for a second. I opened my eyes and turned. She reached out and touched my wet naked body. We didn’t say a word. We just began to touch each other. She came close bringing her body against mine. It was already hot and steamy in there and having her body next to mine only made it worse.

We kissed and it was electric. Her soft lips moved against mine and our tongues found each other playing that familiar game. Our hands found each other and we rubbed each other’s naked and wet bodies. My hands gripped her ass while her hands came up to squeeze my ample breasts. Suddenly she moved me pushing my back against the hard cold tile and dropped to her knees.

She parted my legs a little and I threw my head back and moaned as her tongue made contact with my clit. She began to eat my pussy slowly at first and then fucking me with her tongue, in and out faster and faster. My hand went to her head and I slowly caressed her hair while she continued to eat me. Before I could come hard in her mouth, the sliding glass door opened a second time. My boyfriend slid inside the large shower.

“Can I join in?” he asked.

We both nodded.

She stood from her knees and he grabbed her kissing her on the mouth licking all my juices off her face. Her hand went to his dick and she stroked him hard. Before long we were both on our knees taking turns sucking on him. He had a hand on both our heads stroking our hair while we serviced him. At one point my mouth was wrapped around his shaft and her tongue was caressing his balls. He finally pushed us off and grabbed me pulling my body up against his. We kissed while his hands stroked my body.

Suddenly he lifted me place me up against the tile and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. I settled myself onto his hard dick and he pounded me with my back slapping against the wall.

She watched the pleasure on my face as she played with her pussy. He pounded me while she played with herself.

My moans filled the shower, echoing throughout the room. While he was inside of me I watched her play with herself. That only turned me on more. We fucked like that for while which blissfully felt like forever, until finally my orgasm overtook my body and my senses.  I came hard gripping his shoulders and held onto him for dear life.

He interrupted my moans by kissing me. His hands were digging into my thick chocolate thighs. When my orgasm subsided he dropped me to the shower floor and turned his attention to her. Without hesitating he bent her over and forcibly shoved his large hard dick into her wet waiting pussy. I watched as her hand search for something to hold onto. She settled for my legs to hold her in place. I didn’t mind the she was touching me. It just helped to fuel my desire.

He pounded her pussy banging her head against the shower wall. It looked like it hurt but she didn’t seem to notice. She was too focused on her own pleasure. I was focus on how delicious the whole scene in front of me looked. Our moans grew louder and I knew she was close.  He increased his pace fucking her harder.

 Suddenly he dug his fingers into her ass and came hard pulling out just in time to come all over her back. He leaned against the shower door trying to catch his breathe. She moved towards the water letting his cum wash down the drain.

After he took a breath, his attention was back on me between my legs licking my pussy. His intent was to make me come a second time and I had no objections.

She moved too, latching onto my breasts as if she were a little baby. She sucked them as if they gave her life.

I came hard while he ate my pussy and she sucked on my nipples.

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