Friday, May 3, 2013


It was nice and warm sitting so close to her. The wine in my blood clouded my mind and I was too far gone to worry about my insecurities and my anxiety. The air of drunkenness was in the air ignited the particles of sexuality and lust floating about.
Her head on my shoulder only added fuel to my already inflamed body. I knew then that it would not take much for me to get into my carnal desires and just take what I wanted.
Husband could sense it or he had his own agenda. He began to caress me. He was sitting on the other side of me just as hot and just as ready. Eventually I could feel his warm breath on my neck warming me and fueling me. It seemed that there was a fog that drifted throughout our minds releasing our inhibitions.
His hands eventually cupped my breasts and his fingers found my nipples and teased me there. I threw my head back and moaned. It was then that I noticed that her husband was pleasuring her as well. His fingers disappeared into her panties. That only engulfed me in the hottest flames I had ever experienced.  I threw my head back letting the wine fueled intoxication take over my senses to the point that I no longer cared. I no longer worried. I just let the pleasure take over me.
The first thought that went through my mind was how much I wanted to get my hands on her. I leaned over and realized as our luscious lips met she had the same idea. We kissed and it was lustful and sensual all at the same time. Her lips were soft and I could not get enough of them.
Our husbands were also on the same page. Her husband relieved her of any clothing on the lower half of her body. My husband follow suit and removed my shoes, my pants and following that he pulled off my panties sliding them down my legs and tossing them over his shoulder.
While we were still entangled in our erotic lip lock, both husbands went to town devouring our dripping wet pussies. She moaned in my mouth as her husband pleasured her. I could hear the slurping sounds coming from below. My husband used his tongue to tease my clit, lapping up my juices making me release my lips from hers so I could cry out in pleasure.
After a minute, I returned my attention to her lifting her dark colored camisole and moving her bra out of the way exposing her dark chocolate breasts and her deep chocolate nipples.
My mouth was drawn to them and I let my tongue draw circles around them. The whole time neither husband let up on pussy eating.
Suddenly both men stood and led us down to the floor. My husband quickly stripped off his clothes and had his hard dick in his hand. I knew what he wanted. Before I could take him in my mouth, I heard her moans travel across the room and I looked over and saw her on all fours with her husband pounding her pussy violently. She loved it, taking all of him.
It turned my husband and I on to see his large hard dick swallowed by juicy pussy every time he pulled out and shoved it back inside. I eagerly begin pleasure my husband taking his hard dick into my mouth. His hand came up to my head and his eyes stayed fixed on the couple fucking next to us I tried to just focus on  giving him pleasure, but my thoughts were on all the things I wanted to do for her.
He moaned and I continued my plan to stroke him while my tongue wraps sensuously around his shaft.
Their bodies were so close to ours and it appeared her thoughts weren't just on her own pleasure. As her husband spread her legs and drowned his face in her juices, her hand snaked over to me. My ass was in the air and that gave her access to my wet pussy. I cried out laid across my husband’s lap as her fingers penetrated me. It felt so good and the pleasure made it hard to breathe.
Having my husband in my mouth and her fingers buried deep in my pussy, was too much for me. I felt heat overtake me and my orgasm building. One last moan from him and one last push of her fingers on my G-spot and I came hard.
My present pleasure woke the fire in the group because just as I heard her spill her cum into his mouth behind me, my husband came filling my mouth with warm sticky pleasure.
I immediately turned to face her and lay kisses all over her body. My mouth found hers and I kissed her deeply before moving my lips to her breasts taking them in my mouth one at a time. All while her husband fucked her furiously.
Eventually he came hard while watching us make out. We all, exhausted and still wallowing in our intoxication, collapsed into a tangled web of limbs unable to move… until the fog wore off.


  1. You definitely have a way of writing an erotic story. Sometimes I wonder how much is based on reality (to make it so real) and how much is pure fiction.
    I really don't want to know the answer, but your stories always seem so believable.

    1. LOL. I won't answer the question then. Thank you.

  2. When I read "ignited the particles of sexuality and lust floating about" I was thinking poetry. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Sir. I truly appreciate that comment. I used to write poetry for awhile and thought I had lost my touch. Thank you.