Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pure Desire

Pure Desire.
That is what I felt for her.
Her smell.
Her smell left a lasting imprint on my mind.
That is what she smelled like.
It made me think of home and warm apple pie fresh from the oven.
The smell lingered with me even when she was no longer in my arms.
Before she left me cold and all alone, she placed a soft kiss on my lips. It was to tie me over to the next time we were together.
I wanted her to stay with me. I wanted her to let me hold her all night. I had dreams of holding her close to me. My face buried in her soft delicate curls imprinting the smell of her cinnamon.
She never stayed.
She always had to leave. That never stopped me from asking. I was always hopeful that one day she would stay.
That was wishful thinking.
When she arrived, I could tell she had just come from a night out on the town. She was wearing her little black dress that hugs every curve and said to me that her body desperately needed to be touched.
She tossed her purse onto the chair and slipped out of her heels. She was a few inches shorter than me and I would always forget until she took off her extremely high heels.
I watched her until she was ready for me.
It was always the same.
I would sit patiently while she slowly stripped off her clothing. My erection was painful pressing against my pants and I wanted badly to touch her. She teased me by slowing taking her clothes. When she was done putting on a show for me, she walked over and kneeled down in front of me.
She had a beautiful smile. She flashed a smile showing her perfectly white teeth as she undid the buckle on my belt and followed that by undoing the class on my cheeks.
The cast of relief exited my mouth when she finally released by rock hard member from the confinements of my team.
My breathing increased and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest.
She always made me feel this way.
She had the ability to drive me insane and always begging for more.
Her hands glided firmly up and down my shaft groaned with pleasure. She flashed her smile again. She licked her lips and replaced the firmness of her hand with the warm crevice of her moist mouth.
I was lost.
Her tongue glided up and down me. Eventually she did double duty stroking my shaft with her small delicate hand while her mouth and tongue played gently with the head.
She read my body and knew that I was succumbing to her oral technique. Whenever I reached this point she would stop. Tonight, she stopped suddenly and stood. She walked over to the couch and laid her sexy body down onto it. It was our routine.
Our erotic routine.
I watched her spread her legs. I watched her trail her fingers down her thighs.
She licked his lips.
I almost came on the spot.
I couldn’t wait any longer and bent down between her thighs ready to devour her. Her hand came up to stop me. It was her way of staying in control.
I will be patient. I will wait until she was ready to lead me to her sweetness.
When she finally did…it was heavenly.
I love the taste of her.
Her moans filled the room and I increased the pace of my tongue driving her insane.
I wanted her to come. I needed her to come. I worked hard. Licking and sucking her clit making her whimper, cry and squeal all at the same time. Finally she did what I expected her to do. She wrapped her legs tightly around me as her orgasm overtook her senses. I just held off still licking trying to give her as much pleasure as I could.
When she finally released me, she wasted no time turning around propping her ass in the air. I
threw off my shirt and pulled my pants down my legs. My goal was to get naked and I achieved that at lightning speed.
She wanted me and I filled her easily slipping inside of her while she held a firm grip on the arm of the couch.
My hands held her ample ass firmly as I fucked her. Sweat poured down my face as our hot bodies connected mercilessly.
I cried out unable to stop myself.
It only made her throw dirty work out at me begging me to get rough. I obliged gripping her tightly. I could feel myself getting ready to lose control exploding and giving all I had to her.
She wanted me to come, I could feel it. So I obeyed and came holding her strong for a moment and then collapsed backward on the couch.
She got up without a word and began to redress.
I knew the drill.
“Why won’t you stay?”
She didn't say a word.
I sat quietly.
I knew my place.
Not a word.
I watched her. I watched her adjust her skirt. I watched her put on fresh lipstick and grabbed her purse.
I sat like a good little boy and just watched.
Before she could leave she turned and walked over to me placing a soft kiss on my lips. then she smiled at me.
“I would stay for round two but you know how your father is. He would be livid if I was gone too long.”
With the slam she was gone.
My stepmother.
My lover.
My pure desire.


  1. Wow! Didn't see that ending. Great story Donnee.

  2. I'm with Joan. Though my eyebrow went up at "...sat like a good little boy...", I did NOT see that ending coming.

    I like your style of short sentences; they quicken the pace and create a sense of urgency.

    Thanks. xoA