Monday, December 2, 2013

Y is for...

is for YOLO (You Only Live Once)

I saw a shirt I liked at the store the other day and I started to have second thoughts about buying it. It was black with pink writing on the front. The material was soft and seemed like it would be really comfortable.

Yet I was stressing about buying it because I knew my husband would make fun of me. Printed on the front of the shirt was YOLO and on the back was printed You Only Live Once.
Since the singer and rapper Drake came out with that song saying his motto is “YOLO”, people have been tattooing it on themselves and yelling it from the mountain tops and I have been so annoyed by the term YOLO.

To me, you only live once means that you only get one life to live so live it to the fullest and don’t be afraid to take a risk once in a while. To try something new to venture out of your comfort zone on a few occasions.

Others have interpreted it to mean act a fool.

Hey, I might die tomorrow so I will drink and smoke and do some crazy shit today.
What happens when you don’t die tomorrow? Will you have consequences that could ruin this one life?
YOLO does not mean go party, get drunk, do drugs and neglect your responsibilities.
YOLO, should mean taking the time to enjoy the world, enjoy the people around you, to make sure you tell those people you care about that you do care and love them.
Because they may not be here tomorrow.

Me wearing my YOLO Shirt

So after a little more thought 
I bought the shirt. 
It looks really good on me. 


  1. Very cool. I think it also means lighten up and have more fun in life. I tend to be too serious and stressed and end up losing out on things I really want to do but am afraid to fail at.

    I love the pics of the stars, I've wanted to go see them for years. Maybe I need a YOLO shirt too and let loose more often.

  2. Love it. You are absolutely right, too. We need to seize the opportunities that this one life puts out there for us, cherish the people whom we love, and be the best people we can be. Thank you for the reminder, Donnee. xoA

  3. When I was a twenty-something fool, my stodgiest friend used to tell me my motto should be: Live fast, die young, leave a good-lookin' corpse. I didn't live up (or down) to that image, now did I?