Monday, March 3, 2014

Kiss The Lonely Girl : an Erotic Tale.

 “Oh please harder!” I screamed as he pounded my pussy.  This was the release I needed. It has been a while since my divorce and it was taking far too long to find another “Mr. Right”, so I decided to settle for “Mr. Right Now” for the evening. He was a rough lover and that only made it better as he had me bent over fucking me from behind with his hand squeezing my throat. He would slap my ass once in a while and that brought me closer and closer to the brink of no return.
I loved it!


“Are you having fun?” Brian screamed over the boisterous voices and the loud Hip-Hop music.
“Yes!” I yelled back continuing to slide my body against his.
The lights were bright but I didn't care. I just wanted to have fun and forget about the awful way this night started.
After my divorce to my slime bag of a husband 2 years ago, I have spent the past year going on several online dates. The men were never who they said they were or looked nothing like they said they looked.  
Tonight was the last straw.
While sitting for two hours waiting on a date that never showed up, I had time to think.  I was done with dating. Dating just made me miserable. I just needed to have some fun for a change.
 So when the restaurant bartender offered to show me a good time, I said what the hell. I might as well start tonight.  That is how I ended up with Brian in this club dancing my troubles away then letting him fuck my brains out.
He was very attractive. He was tall and slim yet muscular.  He had dark hair with deep brown eyes. He was wearing his work uniform, black slacks and a black button up shirt. He left a few buttons undone so you could get a good idea that he was built and muscular.
With alcohol coursing through my veins, I let him lead me to the dance floor.  I’m not much of a dancer except when I’m drunk.  I dance with abandonment when I’m drunk. We danced for hours, way into the early morning.  Sweat dripped down my neck and his body was so close to mine I was beginning to get wetter and wetter.
As I grinded against him I could feel his hard erection. Every time I rubbed my ass against him, he would moan and pull me closer. I knew he wanted to fuck me and after my evening, I needed to fuck my troubles away.
Eventually it was time for the club to close to my dismay. I was having such a good time I didn’t want to go.
I had taken a taxi to the restaurant so Brian drove me to the club. This meant he had to take me home. I had plans for us when we got there.
When we arrived, like a gentleman, he walked me to my door.  I fumbled around for my keys. Eventually I got a hold of them and unlocked my door.
 “Well, this is good night,” he said trying to be a polite but I could tell he was just as horny as I was. I wanted to reward him for his chivalry.  
“I hope I was able to make your evening better after that jerk stood you up.” He said smiling with perfect white teeth all neat in a row.
“Yes, I had a great time. Why don’t you come in side for some coffee?” I offered hoping he would get the hint.
He looked nervous and he did not answer me.
I was sure that he was in to me and I was wondering why he had not tried to make a move.
Then suddenly he leaned in and placed his lips on mine. We began to kiss and I could feel my entire body radiate with electricity.  I wrapped my arms around his neck knowing I couldn’t remember the last time I was kissed like this.
When he pulled back I was a little sad. I missed the warmth of his lips already.
He just smiled but I could tell our kiss affected him just as much as it affected me. I wanted more so I grabbed him and pulled him close. We kissed then he lifted me and carried me into my apartment and kicked the door closed. I just wanted to get his clothes off so that I could get his dick in my mouth.
Then suddenly he pulled back.
“You’re drunk and it would be taking advantage of you.”
I shook my head.
He sighed.
“No I want this. I need this. I need you inside of me.” I demanded
 “Look babe, I like you a lot. I just met you and I…,” he took a step back. “I want to see you again.”
“After I am done with you, you won’t want to go anywhere.
I got down on my knees and began to pull his pants and underwear down.
 “If you start this I won’t be able to stop myself.” He warned.
I didn’t listen. I popped out his hard erection and gave it a squeeze in my hand. He moaned with pleasure.
“Oh you like that, huh?  
I opened my mouth wide and took his creamy dick into my mouth. I sucked on the head and took as much of his shaft into my mouth as I could manage. 
He moaned, gently stroking my hair. 
I could not think of anything. My mind was flooded with how incredible it felt having his dick in my mouth. A little pre cum exited the tip and it was sweet.  I let my tongue glide over it tasting as much as I could.
He removed his dick from my mouth and pulled it back against his taut stomach exposing his balls. I took them into my mouth and gently sucked.
“Oh shit! He exclaimed.
I licked and sucked on his balls gently at first and then hungrily.  His fingers were lost in my hair as I serviced him.  I was hungry for him and the taste of him in my mouth was driving me insane. I’m sure my pussy was gushing juices. I could feel myself so wet.
He moved away from me and slid his dick from my mouth.
“Take your clothes off.”
I striped tossing my clothes all over my apartment not caring about anything but him inside of me.
“Get on the floor.” He said forcefully pointing toward my beige plush carpeting.
I hesitated for a second. No man has ever been this demanding of me.
“I said get on the fucking floor.”
This time I immediately got on the floor.
He bent down a little to my level and slapped me hard on the ass.
I wasn’t expecting that.
I jumped forward in surprise while my ass was still stinging from the blow. He slapped my ass again and again until the sensation transformed from pain to pleasure. 
Suddenly he stopped with the blows and stood removing his clothes and a condom from his wallet.
I could him tear the wrapper apart and the I also heard familiar sound of him putting it on.  Suddenly he was roughly inside of me. It hurt just a little. My pussy was too tight for his large member.
He went slowly for only a second, then he picked up the pace pummeling my poor pussy.I cried out from the pleasure. No man has ever been ever to make me feel this good. My husband had been my first and only lover until we divorced and I never dreamed that it could be better.
I held onto the leg of the couch trying to keep myself from getting carpet burns on my face. I could feel the geyser inside of me ready to go off.  His hands squeezed my ass as he thrust in and out still forceful never losing pace. I came loudly moan and practically collapsing on the floor. I was in utter bliss and my orgasm kept going as he continued to hit my g-spot.  
Then I felt his fingers squeeze harder as he came moaning loudly and cursing like a sailor.
“Oh Shit, Fuck! Damn this shit is good.”
He rolled off of me onto the floor and just laid there breathing heavily.
We just laid there for a few until finally I spoke.
“You should go.”  I said still lying on the carpet and recovering from my orgasm.”
He sighed.
“I knew we shouldn’t have done this now. We should have waited.”
Without thinking I jumped up, reached into my purse and pulled out a pen.  I grabbed his hand and turned it over. I wrote down my number.
“Call me.”
He smiled and began to put his clothes back onto his amazing body. I just laid there still naked watching him. When he was done he knelt down next to me. He gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then he got up and walked out the door.  
I was still a little drunk and I did not have the energy to make the trip down the hall to my bedroom. I climbed up on the couch and covered my body in my throw blanket and passed out.


I awoke with a massive headache, the only sign that last night wasn’t a dream.  I felt so icky and gross. I just wanted to shower and go back to sleep. While I was in the shower, I heard a knock on my door. I ignored it and continued to get clean.
I thought about Brian as I showered and wondered if he would actually call me. Knowing my luck with men, he would just be another one fading into the background. I really hoped he would call though. One night with the man and I could not get him off my mind. I think I was smitten already.
After my shower, I started a pot of coffee and went to see if my paper was actually delivered this time.
I opened the door and was surprised to see a red rose with a small square shaped piece of paper on my welcome mat. I reached down and picked up the rose and the paper. 
I read the note and I could not help it. A smile spread across my face and warmth enveloped me.

I’m hoping what we experienced last night affected you the way it affected me.  No more online dating. Just call me.

His number was written on the card.
It was so sweet. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. No more online dating for me. I think I’ll just give Brian a call.


  1. Aww... I hope that this works out for them.