Friday, July 11, 2014

One Night Stand Chronicles - Courtney


I had never fucked a white girl before. I was under the impression that white girls weren’t attractive to me.  I was on the shorter side and light skin.  Most white girls I saw went for the tall dark and handsome black guys or just plain tall.  I was neither so I just kept to my usual black, Hispanic and Asian girls. 
Well, apparently I was wrong.  Black dick is black dick and there was this short red head that wanted some of mine.  She was the daughter of a friend of my dad’s and I only met her a couple of times when I would come home and visit the family for the holidays and in the summer. 
My dad always had Barbecues and invited everyone he knew. So my dads friend would d bring his daughter Courtney.

She was 5’5” with curly red hair. She didn’t have much of an ass, however, what she lacked in ass she made up  in breast.  That is what caught my eye every time I showed up. I never really talked to her just stared her down until she looked at me.  Whenever we made eye contact. She would smile and I would smile back. She never approached me so I assumed she was just like all the other girls, not interested in short light skinned black guys.
Well, one time when she was at my parents’ house for my Dad’s birthday. We continued our same routine. After a little while I exited the party feeling horny as hell. I was hoping to masturbate, recover and make my way back to the party.
Someone had other plans.
Just as I got to the bathroom door, she pushed me in and slammed it shut.
“Fuck me,” Was all she said. 
That was all she needed to say.  It’s not like she waited for me to say anything.
She pushed me back against the wall and we again to kiss.  Her hands immediately grabbed my crotch and I moaned in her mouth. I didn’t realize I was so hard.  She pulled back from my mouth and dropped to her knees. We both fought to get my pants down along with my boxers. 
I moved over to the sink so that I would have something to lean on and she followed me waiting to get
my hard cock in her mouth.  I gripped the edge trying to hold on as her lips finally wrapped around my dick.
“Oh shit,” I said placing my hand on her head with me fingers disappearing in her tufts of curly red hair. My back against the sink was uncomfortable but the pleasure her tongue was giving me made up for that. Her lips and tongue were working wonders and if I didn’t stop her, I was going to come hard in her mouth. She continued to suck me off like a pro. The slurping noises she was making only added to my pleasure. I didn’t think I was going to able to hold on any longer.
“Get up.” I said .
She moved back wiping saliva from her mouth and stood. 
I positioned her so that one of her legs were on the toilet seat and the other on the ground. I wanted to get a taste of her juicy pussy.  She threw her head back and grabbed a towel hanging on a rack behind her as my tongue made first contact.  My tongue licked her dripping hole and then slowly I moved up to draw circles on her clit. I licked her a while getting lost in her pussy. She was so wet my face was covered in her juices. I stroked my dick while I ate her and suddenly she came in my mouth.  I knew our time was limited and I was eager to come in her pussy. Roughly, I positioned her in front of the sink with her ass facing me. 
I squeezed my large dick between her tight pussy lips. I moaned as I entered her. I instantly began to pound her gripping her ass. I continued to pound her with a masterful stroke. Her breathing increased and my fingers gripped her ass tighter.
“Oh yes, give me that chocolate dick.”

I came like I had never came before.  It seemed to last forever.  Neither of us moved for a minute. Then we frantically began to put on our clothes and rejoined the party. 

Later I found out that she had a boyfriend and she just wanted to have the experience of sex with a black guy before she got serious with her guy. It was fine with me. I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I was just looking to fuck.

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  1. Love the way you keep the audience gripped at each sentence....delicious use of words